Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

trailer park girls Indian run round the outside…


5 fearless and worthy men met for sharpening at another heart breaker. Despite an absolutely terrible already bright 62F and clear morning this cherry was happy to VQ.

After startex and pre-amble, Conspiracy (LIFO) joined us and then Loose Goose needed to find Elvis. Splinter, Offshore and YHC got started and the others joined in when they could:


  • Mosey to front of QMS
  • Warmup IC = SSH x 20, Merkin x 20, LBC’s x 20, Flutter Kicks x15, Dolly x15, Rosalita x15, Flutter Kicks x16, Merkin x20 (we wanted to admire Conspiracy’s form again)
  • Mosey to the low ground next to the ball field
  • Lazy Triple Check – Iron Chair, 20 decline Merkin, 20 Dips
  • Mosey to basketball court / blacktop wall
  • Pair up for F3 Graffiti:
    • 15 Donkey Kick on wall – BTTW + Iron Char
    • Suicide burpee count down (from 9 – 9 lines)
  • Mosey to PES playground.  Pair up: 30 pullups
  • Indian Run around the outside of the courts and ball fields to the track
  • 2x Orangutans on football goal posts
  • 3x ring of fire – double pump merkin burpee

Numberama, Namorama and YHC took us out.


PAX enjoyed exploring the features of the Heartbreak AO. Sunrise is at 551a but BMNT was at 440a so it was already quite bright thus killing off the gloom and allowing a solid recon. There are some coupons behind Pemberton that are lonely and in need of use – YHC thought about several audibles, but decided to leave them for next time. Once again, PAX noticed who we think is the pastor from West End Assy of God doing a light workout – EH commence. Some nerd discussion about big data and moving the forum. TClaps to Splinter for the initialization and legacy data movement.  We wrapped it up with feasibility discussion about real pull up bars in the AO and whether we really need construction plans.

Thanks to Splinter for letting me take his slot and borrow his shovel flag.  Thanks to all PAX for bearing with a VQ.


  • Circle K putting together a convergence for the Fourth
  • Friday Lunch Fellowship at Whole Foods
  • OBX pre blast next two weeks – then later in summer

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  1. Great VQ Gomer! Always love a little Eminem reference.

    Those Orangutans were no joke. Perhaps if the pole was a little skinnier?

    You forgot to mention that Conspiracy found his lost ball during the indian run. He then proceeded to share it with the rest of us.

    Look forward to you bringing more pain in the future.

  2. Nice work GP! Sorry I missed it. Had to support my SOJ VQ Marmaduke. 🙂

    Are you at the Outer Banks next week? If so, I’ll be there too … send me an email/iphone text! bbassett {{at}} gmail