Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sunday morning 8


A group of 8 posted for a Sunday morning trail run.  Weather was sunny and 70, 0% humidity.  Perfect for a run.

The Thang;

Over the bridge to Forrest Hill, Forrest Hill loop counter clockwise, then back to the buttermilk and back on the bridge.


Good to have Lockjaw back out there today.  He had been absent from the trail run for some time and he had a good showing on his first time back out.  Welcome to Longhorn (FNG Anna).  She is a Houston native and a non UT fan, hence the name.  She is a strong runner and had great showing for her first run.  She is a neighbor of Honeymoon, who also posted for the first time in a while.  He is starting to get ready of the BRR.  Oh, did I mention, that he is not running the BRR with the RVA PAX.  He is running with his NC PAX. I guess deep down, I cannot blame him, but the inner TYA has a little bit of resentment……maybe next year Honeymoon?

Helix is a machine.  He just keeps pumping in the miles.  I think we might need to rename him cyborg or something similar.  He is so consistent running its a pleasure to view.  Thanks to Saab and Lab Rat for running with me for a while.  YHC had a foot cramp/some plantar issues this morning.  After the first 2.5 miles the running was slow and painful.  Very frustrating.  Maybe the body needs to rest a few days.  Will play it by air.

Looking forward to the run next week.  Should be more and more BRR folks getting out there in future weeks.  74 days to game time.

Great 2nd F at Ellwoods afterwards.  Upchuck spoke about a potential new AO and outreach effort in Manchester.  YHC is fully on board and we are exploring ways to integrate this into the F3 RVA schedule.  Upchuck also loved TYA’s personal hygiene actions while at Ellwoods.  Inappropriate, maybe, did it make me more comfortable, absolutely.



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  1. Thanks for a great run today, fellas. I haven’t done Forrest Hill as much, so that was a nice change of scenery.

    Really thankful to be a part of this group. Banter among Lab Rat, Upchuck, and Saab, made this particularly entertaining for me this morning.

    Welcome Longhorn!

  2. Does this site support polling?

    QUESTION: if the person to your left at Ellwood Thompson’s removed his running socks at the brealfast table, squeezed the sweat out of the socks, and then put the socks back on, the best description would be:

    a. “Inappropriate, maybe.”
    b. [UpChuck just vomited]
    c. [Lockjaw just vomited]
    d. [Saab just vomited]
    e. All of the above.