Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Four brave posted for a Wednesday evening hill run.

The Thang:

Q declares root, and all PAX, except Shakedown, decide to do something else.  Shakedown and TYA do 2 big loops followed by 2 small loops.


A complete mutiny when YHC tried to prescribe the root today.  Swirly and Circle K immediately either 1) began complaining or 2) stated they were not following the same route.  No problems.  Wednesday hill run is very mellow and the objective is clear.  Hit the hills for at least 45 minutes getting a good beatdown and some preparation for the BRR.

Earlier in the week, Rosie sent me a note saying that Shakedown might be interested in running the BRR this year.  He tasked me with talking to Shakedown and getting him to commit.  My initial thoughts to Rosie’s request was “tell him I am available to talk every Wednesday between 530 and 615 PM to discuss the BRR  That way, I could make sure he was really committed to this and would train to get ready.  To my surprise, Shakedown posted.  He came to run the hill to get ready for the BRR as soon as he could.  He is still not committed to the run, but he has already begun to train.  Great job Shakedown!!!



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  1. I may be crazy but I am committed now. Maybe I should be committed to the mental ward 🙂

    Not going to make all the Wednesdays leading up to the BRR but I promise to run 5 miles of hills a week if I don’t post. I’m nervous but I’m in.