Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Taking advantage of Daylight


A Super Seventeen sauntered in to Wdog on a beautiful morning in the Gloom. With a Charlotte visitor the PAX took on parts of the AO we can only access at 5:30 on this longest day of the year:

COP – SSH , Merkins, Box Cutters, Freddy Mercurys, Imperial Walkers, Don Qs.

Mosey past pull-up bars, down Pipe loop hill for Pipe-Smoker loops- Run up Pipe loop to Pull-up bars, 10 Pull-ups, run down hill, 15 Burpees. Repeato 3 times.

Various exercises waiting for 6- Merkins, Lbcs, etc.

Mosey to Love Hill- mix of Bear Crawl and run back to the flag.

COT and Toga took us out.

NMS- Good to have Astrovan in town from CLT. Apparently Wilson in his Charlotte travels told him WDOG is the AO to hit on Wednesday.

YHC has wanted to try this pipe-smoker loop for a while and has been waiting for the longer days to try it out at WDOG over Dogpile. Partly because of the smaller PAX on the trail , but also at WDOG TYA would be in attendance to experience the hill trail fun.

Upon YHC’S explanation of the loops many of the Pax expressed dismay with YHC’S plan. Maybe that is a good sign? All YHC knows is Saab would have loved this had he not been injured. Plus this was great BRR practice so those doing the BRR you’re welcome…

The last set of Pull-ups saw another pay 2 play group doing their own COP near the Bars but they played nice and left us alone, maybe because the PAX looked so angry and unhappy by the 3rd loop. YHC had the “We’re done here” comment locked and loaded but went unused.

The 3 loops took much longer than anticipated so we just headed back. To allow for Saab to beat us back to the flag we added the Bear crawl up the hill to let him get a lead on the PAX.  You can thank him for that part.

Announcements – New F3RVA website is coming July 1. ALL PAX should post a BB or Comment to help Splinter track you down for the change over. Twocan is struggling with the commenting part, maybe the new RVA site can have a Swipe Right feature added, maybe pull up the Q list for each day’s AO options and you can swipe left or right to find your perfect daily beatdown match…

Silent Assassin signing off.



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great workout. I love the pipe run, but the gloom was a little too gloomy for me to see without my glasses (yes, no glasses was my fault). Bear crawl up love hills was the definition of the silent ass…., that was brutal at the end of the workout

  2. We’ve done something similar to that before, and I was hoping not to experience it again. Hardywood took off at light speed, and it could be because he wasn’t doing any of the pull-ups or burpees. It seemed like he always had just one more to go when I rounded the corner. Was he that far ahead, or was it smoke and mirrors? Who can say? Saab knows the truth, but maybe he was too oxygen deprived to know what was going on after doing all those burpees. Saab may be preparing for the next edition of Death by Burpee.

  3. While the hills are definitely good training for the BRR, I thought that was Wednesday evening, not morning. Great Q HoneyDo.

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Solid beatdown Honeydo ! Way to push it guys – beautiful morning !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  5. Honey Do RVA on

    Apologies to Swirly for talking with you about your bum ankle on the way down the trail, only to then make you run back up and down 3 times.

  6. Performing burpees for 20 straight minutes was not the best idea, but it certainly distracted from my other ailments…which appear now to be migrating now all through my lower extremities.

    Call out to Splinter for acknowledging my ‘bowling’ reference when discussing the pay-to-plays on the pull up bars…its nice to have company.

  7. Wow, great beatdown Honeydo. I hope this doesn’t happen again for another full year…

  8. I am a fan of ALL our F3RVA AO’s, but when asked by Astrovan where to go, I did mention SOT first! Glad to see he posted. Looks like you had good group to beatdown!