Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Marking Our Territory


5 regulars and 1 FNG busted out of the fartsack this morning to move in “V formation” and expand our claim of this great AO. Last night’s storm left a few temporary Mississippi-style swamps around the AO but these 6 were not deterred. Here’s how it went down.


Details and Audibles:

  • Warmup COP: Jump Rope, LBCs, Russian Soldiers, Imperial Walkers
    No running with Pull-ups & Merkins
  • Mosey route modified to ensure the AO was marked in all 4 corners. We own this b***h now! Corner 1 – 10 Burpees. Corner 2 – Dog leg raises, 10 each leg. Corner 3 – 10 WWII situps. Corner 4 – 10 IC Freddie Mercuries.
  • 5 Minutes of Mary became ~7 Minutes of Mary due to time. Lots of exercises ending with Superman, of course.
  • COT/naming of FNG

– Welcome FNG Volley to F3 and back to RVA! He walked up to the Q promptly at 5:18 and declared, “I’m Nate. My friend in North Carolina EH’ed me.” IS THIS GUY A NATURAL FIT FOR F3RVA OR WHAT??? Going with the tennis theme, the PAX just couldn’t bring ourselves to name a pastor “FNG Deuce,” especially since you acquitted yourself so well your first time out. We look forward to having you back at Heartbreak Ridge and other AOs in F3 RVA.
– When YHC scouted the new parts of the AO yesterday it was bone dry. Today, it didn’t take us too long to splash our way into the upper field, and it was tough to find a firm piece of ground (forget dry) from there on out. But like Chuck Norris, YHC (and I’m assuming everyone else) was pushing the earth down with Merkins, not himself up as hands sunk into the ground…
– Attila (and to a lesser extent FNG Volley) taunted the Q by wearing an extremely clean white shirt. Though YHC was definitely tempted to modify the plan and make an example of such a crime, seeing and having this gander fully take ownership of the AO was something that had been a priority for awhile now, and was not to be put off any longer. That Calvin Klein undershirt of Attila’s got away with only some H20 and maybe a little mulch stuck to it. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Won’t happen again.
– Regarding “marking the territory” it was good to check out parts of the AO we hadn’t seen or used before. Better Pull Up bars over at the elementary school, and maybe even more recently mowed grass??!?! Excellent. We left our marks F3 style — no fire hydrants or trees were watered and no golden eggs laid.
– Well wishes to Sabotage and his gimpy shoulder. Get well soon, and we’ll enjoy seeing you post at runs until then.
– As always, it’s an honor to lead, thanks for allowing me to do so this morning. This is one of those days that, due to constantly interrupted sleep last night, YHC likely would not have posted if “Loose Goose” hadn’t been on the Q sheet. Time to go sign up again. Sabotage was signed up for VQ week at 45MoM and needs a sub. Is anyone else feeling LUCKY????



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  1. Good work this morning, PAX! Humid, soggy, and fun. I never tire of seeing the flag waving in the wind as we mosey back to it!

  2. Honey Do RVA on

    You should start a side biz as a Weinke illustrator LG! Glad we made it over to the Elementary school finally.
    Welcome Volley!

  3. That was awesome to explore the AO more fully. Seems like there’s always something new that Heartbreak Ridge has to offer. Great Q, Loose Goose. Good to meet you, Volley.

  4. Let’s clear this up… I do not draw weinkes (mine or anyone else’s)! That is a map.