Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Cindy, Lindsay, and Mary


A sturdy six posted for this morning’s offering of The Punisher and we went at it as follows:

Mosey to the schoolyard western edge for startup COP with 25 x Imaginary Jumpropes, 20 x Hillbillies, 20 x Russian Soldiers, 20 x Don Quixotes, then 15 Arm Circles (including 10 small and 5 large both forward and reverso).

Return to the front parking lot for the Burpee March.  Starting at the eastern edge of the parking lot, complete one Burpee per parking space.  Flip over for 20 Box Cutters followed by 50 LBCs OYO.  Repeat Burpees on a return trip followed by 20 Rosalitas and 50 LBCs.

Jog to the playground for Cindy – an AMRAP routine involving rounds of 5 Pullups, 10 Merkins, and 15 Squats.  Completed 5 rounds, paused briefly to collect the PAX, and completed another 5 rounds.

Mosey to the pavilion for Lindsays rotating Dips and WWI Situps.

Saunter to the school building for a quick wall medley.  Bear Crawl to the school wall, complete 10 Wall Crawls, then hold the People’s Chair for about 45 seconds followed by Balls to the Wall for 20 seconds.  Repeated the Wall Crawls, People’s Chair, and Balls to the Wall.

Return to the ShovelFlag for COT.  Pucker took us out.

Announcements – HDHH in the works for Wednesday, July 12th at The Answer – starting at 6 PM.  Check Toga’s Preblast.  He’s headed back to Nashville.  We’ll miss him in RVA.

Moleskin – Welcome to Clavin – posting for the first time at The Punisher.  Opus is taking the Q next week.


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  1. Awesome Q Chum Bucket! Thanks for the hearty welcome. I’m a little sore this morning. Great work by the PAX too. See you all in the gloom!