Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bricks to the ‘Pile!!


And it goes a little something like this…..

YHC showed up to Dogpile around 0530. O no……The Blue Truck is missing.  I believe, C-ville with TYA! Thrown off for a hot second, but must continue with my prep!!! Markers placed in THE FIELD and back to the gloom to stake the flag and prepare….10 bricks thrown on the ground next to the flag. YUP, YHC brought a prop for his FIRST Q at Dogpile. Now, at 12 minutes to the hour, YHC was the only one present, and I thought, this sucks. But than, YHC saw Hardywood appear from the south, walking to the gloom, and the vehicles started to appear in mass quantity. YHC had to keep adding bricks to the pile and when it was time to mosey, YHC instructed every man to grab a brick and 31 men posted for an inaugural Flatline workout at Dogpile!!! And, YHC had to be reminded to grab a brick himself…oops!

Mosey to the COP, bricks in hand, and here is how it went (COP=no brick use): arm circles X15, copperhead squats X 20, diamond merkins X 13, scissor kicks X 20, and SSH X 20. Now, for those of PAX who have not experienced a Flatline Q, yes counting needs improvement, but much better-ask Hardywood how my VQ went at No Toll (lifesupport)!! Time to mosey…

Exercise 1- Colonel Troutman= 10 min exercise with a partner. One partner runs to rusty cage performs 3 pull ups and other partner performs merkins (AMARP), and switch! Bricks stashed under near by tree. Time to mosey to fish bowl behind the theatre…

Exercise 2- Blackjack Bernie Sanders= You vs You exercise. One LBC than run down the hill to other side-now, when running uphill, PAX members were instructed to run UP HILLS BACKWARDS- and at the top on the road, 20 mountain climbers. Than back down hill and backwards up for 2 LBC’s and repeat till mountain climber side has 1 rep.  YHC called an audible due to time constraints at 8 LBC’s and 13 mountain climbers. Now, through first two exercises, Fudd was being quite loquacious with Wilson finally gave a direct order “Shut Up, Fudd.” YHC loves me some Fudd but I have gotta give some love to Toga as well. He is the antidote for Fudd! YHC had another idea to quite Fudd. Mosey to THE FIELD with bricks in hand.

Exercise 3- Brickbarrow vs Bears and Bricks= Partner up. YHC placed halfway markers in the middle before The Gloom. First half, PAX member walks 10 “steps” with bricks in hand, while partner “wheelbarrows” your feet. At this point, Fudd was quiet!! Switch at half way marker- 2nd half, in bear crawl position, PAX members throws his brick than bearcrawls to it and repeat till the end of the field. Modified WWII situps with bricks till PAX finished!! Repeat two exercises and switching at halfway back to beginning of THE FIELD. PAX members performed “Carillon Stairs” until PAX was finished.

Exercise 4- Lt Dan Taylor= You vs You exercise. lunges X 4 and jump squat X 1 till the end  of THE FIELD-traversed again!! With little time left, 2 lines formed and Indian Runs around Carillon back to The Flag. YHC called jailbreak at Dogwood Dell. F3 workout with MARV at 0700 had 2.0’s looking at us like we were all crazy( YHC believes that was who was staring). Bricks thrown in a pile and on to COT…thanks for loading YHC’s SUV with his props.

COT, Number-a-Rama, Name-a-rama, and thanks to Guinness from Charlotte for taking us out!!

Announcements: 7/11, No Toll AO will be at Robious Baseball Complex for 2nd anniversary All-Star Game celebration. Gumbo has the Q.

Weekend after BRC, childhood cancer fundraiser in Da’ville. See Phonics.

August 12th?(Monday), Up Chuck has charity golf tournament in Stafford for El Salvadorian people without health care. See Up Chuck for details.

Saab, way to post and workout even with a bum wheel. Nice work!! Hitchhiker, good to see you again. and same to Guinness!! Gents, thank you for all your support!!

First Q at Dogpile was meant to be memorable! Flatline promises to work on his counting but I also promise that when I Q, a 100% effort will be made for a total beatdown!! Thank for following me this morning.

Be thankful for the day the Lord has made!! May we each realize our blessing and make the most of THIS day!! God Bless!

Loud and Proud,



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  1. Flatline that was a great beat down. Bummed I missed ET’s but a diabetic dog requires insulin at specific time. Stupid dog – time to go find the light! Just kidding …… or am I? Any way great to see everyone and yes running still sucks.

  2. Great first Q at Dogplie Flatline!! Way to bring the pain with the bricks!

    Great to see everyone this morning!

  3. Great Q Flatline. That was a total smokefest. Good times at ETs and way to take us out Guinness. I’m a lucky fella and I have the deepest appreciation for the time I get to spend with this group of men. Have a great weekend.

    Be super.

  4. Solid beatdown, Flatline! Liked the creativity with the Brickbarrows. Spit and I were debating if those were harder or easier than the bear crawls, and concluded they were about the same. That field is LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGG when you’re crawling in one form or another. Welcome back, Lightning Rod, Guinness, and Hitchhiker, and RVA summer humidity!

  5. Holy pain. My quads and shoulders and hands re aching just reading the BB. Nice work Flatline. Way to bring it. Sorry I couldn’t be there.

    Have a great Father’s Day weekend men!

  6. Despite my modified workout, great beatdown there Flatline. I particularly enjoyed both the flatlining-cadence and variable merkin count during COT. I’m learning one-legged SSHs are not the best idea after all.

    Much appreciation to Viral for the pleasant company on my walk back to the Flag, and for the great conversation at ETs with Pavarotti and Guinness (aka Watney’s). Friendly reminder to watch Barkley Marathons at your earliest opportunity.

    Glad I chose to get out and join you all despite being on the DL. What a difference this group has made to my day and my outlook – as it does always. Saab Abides

  7. Beatdown promised; beatdown delivered. That kicked my tail. 10 minutes of ‘merkins + pull-ups had me gassed…but the Great Lawn put me down for the count. Bear crawls = kryptonite for UpChuck.

    Great mumble chatter and love the Fellowship at ET’s. Hardywood shared the three things that will cure any bad mood around his home…food, sleep, or love. Frankly, it sounded like it’s worth perpetually being in a bad mood just because the odds are 1 in 3.

    Golf tournament is August 7 (Monday) at St. Augustine’s Golf Club in Stafford. Clown-car from Richmond. Bam-Bam and I have been regulars at this for years. Funds raised support the Guadalupe Free Clinic, which provides health care resources to the poor on the Northern Neck. Think of it this way…if you like locally raised food, it doesn’t pick itself, and the people who do that work likely do not have access to health care (basic shots, medicine, etc). Guadalupe Free Clinic helps pick them up…join me in lending them hand, and let’s have some fun while at it. Sign up at timnee@gmail.com. Pre-blast to follow…

  8. It’s always a pleasure to be back with you @F3Richmond Pax. Thanks for partnering up @Viral and @Wilson. Action packed Beatdown by @FlatLine – worth every penny. Great Q! Where was @HoneyDo, &Toga or @YankeeAgressor- missing in action? Definitely missed. Thanks for the Barkley Marathon recommendation @Saab and I hope you get your running legs back soon. Enjoyed the Second F with @Saab and @Pavorati and all you a Pax. Until next time, @RVA Pax. See you in the gloom!

  9. Up Chuck-mass appreciation for pushing me at the end of brick-barrow. Great workout!! And, i love the salute during modified WWII sit-ups. I could feel the love.

  10. Awesome beatdown Flatline! Viral was surprised how tired I appeared to be after the brickbarrows and bear crawls. I responded that I am not used to running with my hands. 31 posting this morning. Wow! Great job today PAX!

  11. That beatdown was a bitch Flatline. A pretty bitch, but still….she was so hard and sweaty that you couldn’t help but be pissed off. I thought I was tired after the Bernie Sanders Jacobs Ladder (Corporate……where were you when we needed you?), but that was just a primer for the field of lost bricks. If bricks could talk, they would be cussing after that display.

    Thanks for the company gents. I love sweating out the beers from the night before with the solid dudes of F3RVA. Nowhere I’d rather be from 6-7am on a Sat morning.

  12. Nice Fudd….field of lost bricks. And check out the tab fitness, than exercises and you will notice, exicons. Read for your leisure.