Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

16s on the 16th for the 16th!!


12 men slipped into the gloom this morning to be there for LP’s VQ.

Mosey around the church building


–  SSH

–  LBCs

–  Don Quixotes

–  imperial walkers

–  Finkle swings

Mosey to the picnic pavilion

16s on the 16th

16s at the picnic pavilion

Monkey humpers and derkins

Mosey to church building

Catch Me If You Can

PAX partners up

Partner 1 runs to opposite building corner and does 16 plank jacks

Partner 2 stays and does 16 LBCs

Loser does 5 Burpees

Switch it up

Mosey to picnic pavilion


2 count skull crushers (evolved to 1 counts midway through) and double dips

Mosey to field

Home run derby

1st Base – 16 heels to heaven

2nd  Base – 16 merkins

3rd Base – 16 2 count flutter

Home – 16 workins

Mosey to flag

Ring of fire – 16 merkins each

Numberama, Namerama, LP took us out.


The day after the last day of school, QIC still managed to get up and team up with his dear old dad (Chowdah) to lead his very first F3 workout. In honor of QIC’s 16th wedding anniversary (Chowdah, not LP), there were lots of sets of 16s today. Plus, the challenge of the month is merkins, so we tried our best to get as many of those in as possible.

The PAX arrived early, starting with Spit and No Idea. Soon followed by Abacus, Emoji, and Opus. The rest of the crew rolled in, the shovel flag was planted and we got under way.

Everybody seemed in good spirits this morning despite the nasty humidity. Lots of chatter but everyone came to sweat, and sweat they did.

During Warmarama, Chowdah tried to help QIC along and was promptly scolded by Abacus, telling him, “Let him Q!”

At the picnic pavilion, QIC created a new workout, dipping between the picnic tables. Somewhere along the way, Emoji lost count of his 16s and from the sound of it, there were many in the PAX who left their calculators at home as they struggled to remember where they were. Guess we need to stick with 11s with this crew in the future.

Catch Me If You Can around the building with the loser doing burpees. Always the overachiever, Spit decided he needed to get some more blood pumping and inspired the PAX (or at least half the PAX) to join the losers in doing burpees.

Never one to be outdone, LP decided for a one armed merkin to end his 16 during Ring of Fire. Spit did his handclap for his final one. Even Wild Thing got in on the action, accomplishing a one armed merkind himself. Chowdah tried his best to follow with the one armed merkin and fell flat on his face. You win some, you lose some.

There was great support today for LPs VQ. Thanks to all for being there and supporting him. It’s hard to describe just how much it means for so many men to be pouring into the life of this 2.0. This is a great picture of F3.

(From LP)

Everybody worked their butts off today! They were pumped up and ready for the workout. Everybody pushed themselves and got it done. Great job everybody and thanks for coming!


VQ week coming up. Grab a Q for the first time or a Q somewhere you haven’t before.

QIC (LP) has been crushing the ball the last few weeks and his little league team is heading to the championship tonight!


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  1. Great work fellas, especially LP – way to step out front and lead. It is a skill that will serve you well for a long time! And, good luck tonight — hit it where they aint.

  2. Great job Chowdah and LP!! What a great VQ from LP, my arms are still in pain!

    Not sure but I feel he maybe the youngest Q we have ever had in F3RVA!

    Awesome job by everyone this morning. Thanks Abacus for keeping the count on the merkins!

    Happy Anniversary to Chowdah and M Chowdah!!

  3. Tough to be in your fifties and be schooled by an 8 year old. Excellent workout LP and Chowdah! happy 16th! I told you I can’t count. Did too many dips. way to go gentlemen!

  4. LP, you did a great job today. I loved how you put an explanation point at the end with the one merkin. Well done! I counted 198 merkins that we slayed during the workout this AM. I did 22 more at home to be done by 7am for my 220 merkin quota. Good luck in your game tonight LP!!!