Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ropes and Ladders


10 redwoods posted for another edition of Batteau. Summer is back in RVA, and we got right to it.

Mosey to field near the stone house for warmup COP: SSH, Don Quixote, Russian soldiers, hillbillies, imperial walkers, Spider Man twist, scorpion twist.  Following this, the merkin timer was in the house for 10 merkins every five minutes (regular, close grip, wide grip, Bruce Lee, regular…).

Mosey to the steps North of the circle for merkin Jacob’s Ladder to seven.  Mosey back to field for seven ascending heals to heaven rolling to squat jumps (1 leg raise to 1 jump squat, 1-2, 1-3…).

Mosey to parking circle for a game of “Who can skip rope?”  One member of the PAX jumps to 100 while the PAX completes an exercise.  Some of the exercises chosen: Capt Thor, merkins, LBC, crab cakes, lunges, some other stuff…

Mosey back to field for Death by Burpee= start at 5 burpees and go up by one each minute.  The winners made it to 15.

Mosey back to flag for COT and Cottonmouth took us out.

NMM:  There were lots of outstanding performances in what was truly a random collection of COPs.  Do you ever go to a buffet where everything looks good but nothing really goes together?  You end up walking away with pizza, smoked salmon and banana pudding.  YHC had been storing up some of these little jewels (see Death by Burpee), but then there was the jump rope laying beside the shovel flag at 0500.  Why not involve that somehow?

Honey Do crushed Jacob’s Ladder for team one, and Wheelbarrow never vacated the lead for team two.  Someone clearly found the old East German medicine cabinet.  There was a total lack of mumble chatter or derision from the heals to heaven with jumps, but everybody got to be Chatty Kathy when the jump rope came out.  YHC really thought it was going to be tough for the PAX to try and pair the right exercise with the speed of the jumper.  It turns out that everyone could pretty much manage 100 in short order.  Slurpee even got cocky and called for burpees, but YHC vetoed him because of what was coming next.

Death by Burpee did not disappoint.  Cottonmouth was surprised to learn we were ascending and not descending when the PAX was reminded that they were on 9.  We also started at five because there are few things worse than a PAX standing around with nothing to do and little to talk about (If you’ve been to a Mechanicsville workout, you know what that’s like.).  It was also good to keep good form until about nine, and then it was all sprawling and flopping to get done and catch your breath before you’re back at it.  Swirly definitely made it to 15 with no time to spare, and Flipper may have made it under the wire as well.  Strong Work!

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  • Someone needs to clown car up and lead at CVille this Saturday!  Let Lab Rat know you’ve got it covered.
  • Tomorrow is Offshore’s first day out of hate= 40th.  Come encourage/heckle him at Heartbreak Ridge tomorrow morning.

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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent BB and beatdown Toga – wow ! what a way to start the week ! Way to push guys ..
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Been trying to figure out how to include a visible jump rope into a workout for a while without buying a bunch for the Pax. Great job Toga.

    Also glad to hear Sippy is back and ready to rock’n’roll.

  3. Honey Do RVA on

    The Burpees at the end did me in Toga. That had to be the longest distance Jacobs Ladder ever.
    TCLAPS to Keymaster for wearing a ST shirt to a beatdown with Swirly in attendance.

  4. Things I will miss about Toga when he moves: cheery disposition, the way the light reflects of his head during an exceptionally good beatdown, his incredibly witty conversation and BB writing, the way he fills in as the form police in Conspiracy’s absence, all of the great work he and his M do at my Church, his friendship……

    I will not miss death by burpee… close but I didn’t finish Swirly was the Champ. Great beatdown Toga. Way to work this morning fellas

  5. Great Q Toga, I had my first F3 beatdown with you as the Q and it was great to get another one in before you move.

    T-Claps to Swirly, Flipper, and Keymaster for going the distance (or close) on the Death by Burpees.

    Also, I was wondering how long we were going to let Keymaster keep the Seal Team shirt on. I figured there would be an accidental elbow to the ribcage or something…

  6. Last time you came to DaVille, you Q’d, so there probably was a whole lot off standing around. Good to know your holding steady! See you tomorrow to hang out in the parking lot.