Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

trail run


5 pax showed for trail run today, with a guest appearance by TYA.  Rumor was Bleeder was also there somewhere, but the pax never caught up to him.  Here is a brief synopsis of the day:

Route:  North Bank, Belle Isle, Buttermilk  About 7 miles.


Great to have Honeymoon and Wilson back out. Solid work.

Helix killed it as usual.  Upchuck got in some extra hill work.  Wow…anything extra today is impressive.

We rolled in a man and his two kids into the group today that just moved from DC.  I expect them to make an appearance at an SOJ AO sometime soon.  They sounded excited about it.

It was super hot today.  One of those runs that you are just glad that it’s over.  70 and sunny my ass.

TYA ran early and came back in as we were about to leave in the most ridiculous outfit….Upchuck was heard to say:  “what I am thinking is offensive to the gay community”.  Imagine a black romper with black lederhosen….then TYA inside of it.  Let your imagination do the rest.


Lab Rat apologizes.


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