Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What Time is the Official Start Time?!?


Six gentlemen posted for a nomad run this evening, including 1 gear head FNG near and dear to Lab Rat’s heart.  Something transpired, here is a screen shot:

Route:  Choose your own adventure of long loops and short loops, both of which held no reprieve from the hills of the Near West End.  3 big loops or 6 little ones bought you a 5 mile patch.

NMS:  YHC and FNG Toro pulled up at 4:45 to find two familiar cars already parked and empty.  Lug and Bleeder got a super early start after their respective M’s put time constraints on them.  Not to be deterred, they got it in early.  TYA and Swirly joined in shortly after, so we started with a “warm up” loop.  Back the parking area at the given start time with no takers, so off we go again, all in different directions.  Continue until expired.  It was a beautiful evening for a run, if you didnt get one in on “International Running Day”, you missed out.

Lab Rat was SUPER proud of his oldest boy coming out and pushing hard on the pedals today, and could not be happier that he is now part of F3.  He hopes to be able to make it at least a semi-regular thing, because although Toro was a little shy to start with, YHC thinks he is secretly enjoying his new nickname.

Announcements are the same as what they were this morning.  Carry on.

Lab Rat apologizes….


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