Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It’s Not What It Looks Like


Eleven men, undeterred by the beautiful weather and freshly mowed fields, attacked a kettlebell workout. Here is what happened.

Mosey to field next to track for COP
* SSH IC x 20
* Imperial Walkers IC x 15
* Crabcakes IC x 15
* ATMs (alternating shoulder taps x 20, tempo Merkins x 10, Merkins OYO x 10)
* Arm Circles/Swings (all big x 10) – forward, backward, sideways
* Hip Circles x 10 each direction
* Hip flexor stretches

The Thang

Kettlebell warm-up
* 2 min wall squats
* 2 min hand-to-hand cleans
* 2 min halos

Mosey to track area for 10 minutes of kettlebell swings with recovery jog around track as needed

Get-ups OYO for 2 minutes

Mosey to bus loop for triple-check. Exercises were sit-up press; clean and press; and lunges.

Numberama, Namorama, Wheelie took us out

Announcements: Support your fellow Mechanicsville brothers and perhaps try out a new AO during take-over week.

Opus and YHC were greeted by what seemed to be a full parking lot when our clown car pulled in at 0525, and the PAX kept pouring in, even after the initiating “Let’s mosey” was called. Spirits seemed high as we made our way to the field next to the track. Apparently the grass was a bit taller the last time the PAX congregated in this area. Following COP, we made our way to a side wall of the school – still observable from the public road – for wall squats with our kettlebells. Immediately awkwardness pervaded the PAX as we imagined the sight from behind of 11 men lined up facing a wall, feet slightly more than shoulder width apart, and both arms angled down in front toward the crotch. This was akin to getting a Cinderella pinata for your daughter’s princess-themed birthday party. It sounds good enough on paper, but once the action starts it just doesn’t look right.

Anyway, the PAX bore with YHC’s attempts at some skill-honing exercises, and the real fun began with the kettlebell swing extravaganza. YHC expects to collect finder fees from our F3 chiropractor brothers.

From what little YHC remembers, it seemed everyone put out a solid effort throughout the workout. Honestly, between the oxygen deprivation and involuntary muscle spasms YHC was focused more on interpreting his wristwatch and remembering the way to the flag than he was recording what YHC knows were valiant exertions by the PAX.

Special welcome to Chief. It was great to meet Cake and partner with him on the triple-check. Always it is an honor to be a part of this group. Many thanks to each of you.



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  1. I had a blast today, and will be feeling it tomorrow! If I forgot any announcements, please post them. Also, I neglected to get Chief’s information for getting him on the website (name, email, phone number, etc.). If someone has that, could you pass it along to someone who can get him signed up (Lab Rat?)?

  2. Great Q, Helix. Even with the awkward KB Wall Squats it was a great workout. I often find the APDs to be embarrassing, but the wall squats at an Elementary School sets a new bar.

  3. The Carpenter on

    Strong Q, Helix! It is exciting to see the numbers growing at Mann Date. The kettle bell fire is burning strong!

  4. Let’s just say I am glad no one had a camera this morning because it looked bad, really bad. I had bad feelings someone was going to call the popo on us.
    Helix forgot to include the fact that he tried out his brand new 35 lb kettlebell for the first time ever and he was the Q. Impressive!

  5. Congratulations on 11 posting today everybody! Well done! Let’s continue to see this AO grow. I should be posting there in the near future.

  6. Well that was awkward! I agree with Opus, I thought the popo was going to show up any minute after completing the wall squats. If it was still winter we could have gotten away with it!

    Solid Q today Helix, thanks for stepping up during Takeover week!

    We set a record 11 men this morning! This is just the start fellas!

    Welcome to Chief!! Hope to see you back out again soon!

    Great job fellas! See y’all in the gloom!

  7. Awesome job, men! Welcome to Chief…Text signup still works:

    Number: 97000
    text body: F3RVA

  8. “This was akin to getting a Cinderella pinata for your daughter’s princess-themed birthday party. It sounds good enough on paper, but once the action starts it just doesn’t look right.”

    This is worth a quote….hilarious.