Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Grab a Rock and Let’s Go Have Some Fun!


7 Wirely Wise Guys showed up on this Wednesday at Source of Truth.  This is what transpired:

We all grabbed a rock from this convenient rock pile and moseyed over to the football field – Field of Dreams  our COP location:


  • X52 SSHs for the wonderful podcast 52 where corporate tried to poke Da’Ville bear
    • X10 Merkins for it is the monthly Challenge
  • X25 Imperial Walkers
    • X10 Merkins
  • X25 Freddie Mercuries
    • X10 Merkins
  • X15 Smurf Jacks
    • X10 Merkins
  • X10/X5/X10/X5 Arm Circles
    • X10 Merkins


Mosey to the edge of the football field at the 50 yard line:


Windshield Wipers / Merkins

Indian Run with our “friends” – 1 lap

Abs of Fun

  • 12x 8ct Swirlies
  • 12x 4ct Heels to Heaven
  • 12x 4ct V Sit-ups
  • 12x 4ct ABCs
  • 1 minute breather
  • 12x 8ct Swirlies
  • 12x 4ct Heels to Heaven
  • 12x 4ct V Sit-ups
  • 12x 4ct ABCs

Mosey back to the Flag

Ring of Fire – 10 Merkins – your choice



Pulling up to park YHC couldn’t help but notice a rock pile with plenty of good size rocks / boulders.  A smile reached the far corners of the YHC at this sight.  As YHC got out of his stead, Rosie approached him and brought up the fact that none of offending parties from Podcast 52 were here and that 52 was not needed. YHC, agreed and said, “Let’s then go straight to 104.”  Oh, it’s going to be a great morning! 530 came and the lucky number of seven started across the parking lot to the Field of Dreams.   As we lumbered to the field one can’t help but think about the “rocks” we unnecessarily carry in life.  COP was started as Rosie bemoaned the need of 52 SSHs.  YHC was impressed as the team embraced the rhythm of COP.  Wanting to tie in our “friends”, YHC mixed up his plan and did 7s – a distant cousin of 11s with his favorite ab exercise and choice of merkin, as long as it was not a standard merkin.  Clam Shell asked for one handed merkins. YHC complied.

Once the 7s were completed the PAX opted to do an Indian Run around the track with their “friend”.  Mumble chatter was light.  Once getting back to the 50 yard line YHC introduced the PAX to “Abs of Fun”. Given the intro to Windshield Wipers, YHC traded out those for V Sit-ups with ones “friend”. What a delight!  2 rounds of Abs of Fun was had by all.

It was great fun to suffer with my Southlander friends.  Rosie definitely tried to fight the Da’Ville counting that YHC integrated.  There was points when standard counting was had. But all in all, Da’Ville counting won the morning.  It was great to serve these men as they push into each other’s lives in this fine A/O. Thank you for the opportunity!


  • Charlottesville is up and running and still needs our support. Consider and commit to get out there and help the efforts to get Charlottesville up and running. This week is Roanoke’s turn.  See Lab Rat
  • Cornhole & Rock ‘N Roll, a ReeseStrong Childhood Cancer event, is this Saturday, June 10 at Marty’s Grill in Mechanicsville.  The first band starts at 11 am.  The cornhole tournament starts at 12:30 PM.  To register or for more information, click here or see Phonics.
  • Fudd soiree this Saturday! It will be at his house and M’s are invited. RSCP at his preblast.


  1. Had a great time this AM. Missed DK as he was holding down the fort at home this AM.

  2. The Carpenter on

    Way to travel to the Deep South for SOT this morning, Abacus! Thank you including the 52 SSHs and embracing the challenge from our podcast brothers.

  3. Are they even going out this week? I have been at 3 A/Os. And I haven’t seen a one… I think Corporate is using the signup sheet to avoid certain buckets of pain.

  4. Way to keep bringing the pain Abacus! I will try to continue where you left off at Twin Team on Friday.

  5. Way to bring it Abacus! Had a great time this morning and glad you were there to lead. The boulders at SOT were extra challenging and will most certainly be used in the distant future…or once the soreness from today wears off.

    Good to also see clamshell back out there for the second week in a row. Way to work!

    Wilson we missed you today, but glad you got work in at the Mecca.

    Til next time.


  6. I’m still searching for a name “merkinpalooza” merkinarama ? ( with rocks) great workout. Thanks Abacus.