Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Daville RVA tour comes SOJ


4 SOJ veterans, 1 SOJ FNG, and 1 Davillian awoke to the thought of a leisurely jog around the neighborhoods that surround Bettie Weaver Elementary School.  What resulted was quite a bit different.

The workout

Slow group jog to the football stadium for interval training.  Run an 800 fast followed by a 400 slow.  Rosie and YHC repeated this 4 times.  Gumbo, Honeymoon, Doublemint, and Lug Nut repeated 3 times.  We then took a slow jog around Robious Landing Park for the last 16 minutes of the workout.  Total distance covered was around 5.5 miles.

The Thang

After Circle K was unable to lead today, YHC gladly took the Q.  Circle K had mentioned to YHC a few days prior that he was planning on doing a track workout.  This sounded like a good suggestion since YHC had never been in this part of town.  When YHC thinks of track workouts, the dreaded 800 fast workout followed by a 400 slow jog always comes to mind.  The PAX did not seem too enthusiastic about the suggestion but performed outstanding throughout the repeats.  Well done all.  With about 16 minutes left, YHC wanted to see some of the park, so the PAX took a slow job throughout Robious Landing Park.  The PAX got separated in Robious Landing Park, but in the end, the PAX made it back to the virtual SF a few minutes after 6:15 AM and all were in good spirits.

Welcome Doublemint!!  YHC has been EHing him for about 9 months.  It appears all YHC had to do was post in Doublemint’s part of town.


  • Cornhole & Rock ‘N Roll, a ReeseStrong Childhood Cancer event, is this Saturday, June 10 at Marty’s Grill in Mechanicsville.  The first band starts at 11 am.  The cornhole tournament starts at 12:30 PM.  To register or for more information, click here or see Phonics.
  • Fudd is also hosting a party (M’s invited) at his house that night. RSVP to his preblast.
  • VQ week starts June 26.

It was a pleasure to lead this great group of men today.

Phonics Out!


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  1. Thanks for making the trip SOJ, Phonics, but feel free to keep those 800s in DaVille from now on. I was smoked. Probably really need to do more speed work but man it is brutal.

    Welcome Doublemint. Hope to see you back out soon and often.

  2. I heard some chatter about this workout this morning. Sounds like a solid thumping.

  3. For the record, a “slow group jog” by Phonics is the equivalent to fastest 2 miles I have run since the BRR last year. Great Q Phonics!