Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

GridIron Welcomes Seven 2.0’s


A PAX of 20 assembled on a beautiful June morning where it all began for F3 RVA. Döner Kebab came in hot with less than 90s to spare, both 2.0’s in tow…and the beat down went something like this:


Mosey to the GridIron
COP: SSH, DQs, Copper Head Squats, Russian Soldiers, Merkins, Crunch Frogs, LBCs, Crab Cakes, Bob & Weave’s

Line up on Sideline for Sharks & Minnows
4 Sharks must crab walk, and minnows must bear crawl. Minnows try to get past Sharks. If tagged, Minnows become Sharks immediately.
4 rounds before all minnows caught.

Mosey to track
PAX chooses: 1 easy lap OR lunge across field and back

Line up on Sideline for Modified Arc Loader
Duck Walk, Bear Crawl, Crawl Bear, Forward Crab Walk, Backwards Run, Polar Bears, Flamingos (each foot), Karayoke (each direction), Imperial Squat Walkers

Mosey to front of school, partner in 3s for Triple Check: People’s Chair, LBCs, Run to hydrant and back

10 Donkey Kicks OYO

Mosey to bus loop for 6 inches Indian Run: take a pole, 2 by 2, perform any pole exercise until it’s your turn to advance poles. Audible called because that bus loop never ends.

Mosey across street to inclined field for 10 Burpees OYO

Mosey back to GridIron for another round of Sharks & Minnows. Again, it went 4 rounds, but there was a single winner: Veep!

Mosey back to VSF for 90s of Mary: American Hammers & Hello Dollies

COT: Earthworm took us out.

Naked Moleskin

Welcome Mr. Right & Van Gogh!

Great turnout for a 2.0 workout. YHC was not expecting to lead as many as 20! Thanks to everyone for coming out. Thanks also to the GridIron regulars for allowing a 2.0 takeover. YHC is a single dad for a few days while his M enjoys the OBX on a ladies’ trip…and he knew that signing up to Q would guarantee F3 participation.

The FNGs were not phased by getting wet from the dew right away.

Sharks and Minnows was a hit. It’s similar to the Pac-Man game played at NoToll, but possibly more effective.

The Chicken Whisperer’s request to perform the “Panda” during the Arc Loader fell on deaf ears after he demonstrated the Panda which looked like a military crawl without using legs. However, during the COT, CDubs suggested “Van Gogh” immediately after hearing Viral’s 2.0 likes Art…and the name stuck.

Marv almost made YHC lose his focus when he asked if YHC knows what Hello Dolly means as his legs were spread wide. Good times.

Thanks for letting YHC lead this morning.

Great Coffeeteria at Einstein’s afterwards with Cecil performing card tricks for the 2.0’s!


VQ Week – June 26
Fudd’s part June 10 – please RSVP in Pre Blast


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  1. Great job DK! Thanks for leading the charge with the 2.0s and thanks to our Gridiron brothers for encouraging my 2.0s!