Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dude, where are my keys?


A dirty dozen descended on Booker T. Washington park on a perfect June morning.  58 degrees and sunny skies greeted 3 RVA pax, we had 4 FNGs, a visitor from Greensboro, and 4 returning Cville Redwoods get after it:

Initial mosey across field for COP –  Disclaimer, Goodwill joined us on SSH, Merkins, Flutterkicks, Imperial Walkers, Helicopters. Mosey to basketball court.  Partner up for:

Wheelbarrow half way to mid court, 10 Derkins.  Switch partners and Wheelbarrow rest of court & 10 Derkins.  Repeato. 20 Merkins.

Mosey to field for Human Centipede: PAX lines up in elbow plank heels to head.  Last man broad jumps up and over to the front until last man is done.  20 more Merkins.

Wheelbarrow up the steps on the side of the hill facing Preston Ave.  Stop halfway to introduce Cville PAX to Partner Leg Tosses (PLTs).  3 sets each of 20 PLTs. Mosey to top of park grab a bench.  20 Dips and 10 Box Jumps on opposite side of field.  Crab Walk in between benches. Repeato x3.  Head to Center of the top field for some new Mary exercises for the Cville pax:  Hells 2 Heaven, Box Cutters, Freddy Mercurys.

Head to playground for Pull Ups.  2 sets each of 8 pull ups.  Head back down hill to bottom of Peanut Hill.  Run up hill twice.

Head over to Baseball field.  Introduce Donkey Kicks to PAX (knew that was coming) –  10 DKs, run length of outfield then 20 DKs.  Next 10 Mtn Climbers, run outfield, 20 Mtn Climbers.

Mosey to shady area for Honeymoon Suite:  Diamond Merkins, Alabama Prom Dates, Monkey Humpers, & Pickle Pounders.

COT – Lockjaw took us out.

NMS – In 1819 a redhead from The College in VA put his stamp on Charlottesville for the world to see.  YHC enjoyed the symbolism of trying to have history repeat itself 200 years later with a breakout week for the new Institution in town, F3.  And did Cville deliver with 4 FNGs and 4 returners.  All of which put in outstanding work.

Now to the backblast title: Apparently the PAX in Cville needs more basic instruction, like where to put your car keys when you arrive at the AO.  FNG Blister hid his up a tree with a carabiner.  FNG Goodwill left his keys (and phone) on the side of Preston Ave, hence his name.  Not to be outdone Speed Limit did one better by theorizing that if he cannot find his keys then neither could anyone else.  So upon arriving he threw his keys into a patch of thick gorse.

TPS was at the AO when the RVA clown car arrived.  Glad to see the word about F3Cville is spread to NC and YHC is sure more visitors will be visiting throughout the summer.  TPS started off the beatdown with mumblechatter about disclaimer timing and YHC was glad to have him liven up the gloom.  Glad you joined us this morning.

YHC wanted to focus on exercises not yet seen in Cville such as Wheelbarrow, PLTs, Box Cutters, etc.  YHC almost forgot to get Donkey Kicks in as there is a paucity of walls at the as of yet unnamed AO.  The outfield fence on the baseball field was not optimal but did the trick. YHC was glad to expose another site to the Honeymoon Suite and the “practice” was well received.

Kudos to FNG Goodwill for posting after hearing about F3 in Knoxville and bringing FNG Ash Lawn (go Tribe) along this morning.  FNGs Blister and Beast both crushed it in the gloom.

Bodos was a blast as we started to discuss weekday workouts and other growth options in the area. Speed Limit gave us a quick tour of the brewery Random Row across from Bodos.  Good to know the owner and head brewer (Beast) for any future HDHH’s in Cville.

Mumblechatter in the clown car back to RVA covered topics ranging from pool area altercations, marketing, and a website Upchuck somehow knows about that puts Tinder to shame.  I’ll not mention the web address for fear of what might happen to Twocan.

YHC was happy to deliver F3 Cville their new Shovelflag to Speed Limit.  The PAX will be in good hands next week with F3 Roanoke’s clown car coming to deliver a Star City beatdown.  YHC was remiss in forgetting to take a picture after the beatdown, apologies to Lab Rat.

Pleasure to lead this group of men this morning! It was worth the drive to see 8 strong in Cville post.  Silent Assassin signing off.


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  1. Geez, way to bring the heat! And that my friends, is why he is the Silent Assassin.

    Great bb too. Charlottesville, this is how you do it.

    Welcome to Beast, Goodwill, Ash Lawn, and Blister! Make sure you come back next week and bring a friend.

  2. Great Q today and effort from the C-ville Pax. This AO has to be one of the steepest elevation gains, perhaps giving Mt Trashmore a run for the money.

    Monticello. UVA. F3 plants a C-ville flag. All three in great company.

  3. Honey Do RVA on

    Thanks to Upchuck and Lockjaw for the trip up and back. Made for a great morning.

  4. Nice Q, Mr. HoneyDo. Crab walks, donkey kicks, and a lot of wheelbarrowing…well done, sir.

    Special thanks to Speed Limit and Beast. Great to see the operation. THANK YOU.

    Nice to see the numbers continue to grow. Welcome to all the FNGs. Blister crushed his first workout. Goodwill, way to push through the first day pain.

    See you all in The Gloom.

  5. Fellas…one more thing…remember to start thinking about a name for the AO.

  6. Great job guys. Keep bringing out those FNGs and spreading this across VA.