Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Warriors & Bearways


6 Regulars, 2 Kotters & 2 FNGs escaped the lure of the fartsack to challenge themselves with an SOJ beatdown that went something like this:


Mosey to inner track for COP (stay within sight of McRibb’s late arrival): SSH, Imperial Walkers, Copperhead Squats, Russian Soldiers, Merkins, LBCs, Crab Cakes, Bob & Weaves

Mosey to end line of football field for The Golden State Warrior: In honor of #30 Steph Curry, The Golden State Warrior is a Beast modified to perform 5 exercises (rather than 6) at each of 6 stations for a total of 30 per round. Exercises were: SSHs, Copper head squats, Merkins, 2 count Mtn Climbers, Squat Jumps, Hello Dollies

Mosey to bleachers for 2 rounds of Chiabattas: 4 min of Dips + 4 min of Step Ups

Mosey to base of hill below tennis courts for Bearway to Heaven: 3 PAX admitted to be VT alumni and/or VT fans, so to pay for the sins of the VT Basketball program for letting Steph Curry go to Davidson, we did a Bearway Burpee Ladder: up to 3, repeat, back down

Mosey back to SF

3 min of Mary: Alabama Prom Dates, Capital Letters (Spell “GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS”), Rosalitas, American Hammers

COT: McRibb took us out

Naked Moleskin:

Welcome to FNGs OJ & Clam Shell! Clam Shell found us on his own after meeting a NC F3 PAX member at a work conference in St. Louis. OJ is an ultimate frisbee player from the University of Buffalo, and was clearly holding back on kicking all of the PAX’s behinds.

The New Market clown car was missed today, but a PAX of 10 is still impressive. Great to see Aisle 5 & Monkey Wrench back at it this morning, though YHC almost confused Aisle 5 for a Home Depot employee with his back support vest on.

The Beast…even an abbreviated Beat…is still a soul crusher. Way to bang it out, boys. We used the full length of the football field, maybe that was the difference. The paths created by our feet running on the dew and cleared spots of the stations was a great view.

YHC is still gobsmacked that there were only 3 of 10 PAX members who claimed to be VT fans.


June 26 – VQ week
Charlottesville Launch – still ongoing
DK is leading a 2.0 friendly workout this Saturday at GridIron


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  1. Well done SOJ brothers. I missed you guys this morning, but I had to go NOJ to punish some others today. Awesome to see 10 post at SOT and it sounds like quite a beating was dished up by DK. Well done.

    McRib – late again? And at SOT, really? Can’t you like roll out of bed at 5:15 and still get to SOT on time? Gunny Gines would run your ass for days, son.

  2. Nice job today DK! It was nice to see a good showing at SOT this AM and I enjoyed the steph curry themes.

    Welcome to ClamShell and OJ. I hope to see you out again soon.

    Welcome back to monkey wrench and aisle 5!

    Great job today by all!


  3. Yes…I relapsed. I’m so disappointed but I’ll get better. I didn’t leave my house until 5:22…so really no excuse…except that I really don’t like SSHs.

    I would’ve gotten a mother of pearl and a daggummit from ole gunny. He may have even took me to the woodshed ala Landberg circa 1998.


  4. “I really dont like SSH’s”

    Best excuse ever for showing up late! I say this knowing that one time I got pulled over and EH’d the cop. I can also see Circle K saying this at least once a week now.

  5. Oh yeah, the old woodshed — Somewhere Mike Landberg and Hank Morgan just cringed at the mention of the woodshed.

  6. Thanks for the WWII reprieve DK. I didn’t go to WDog knowing Gumbo would be going back to that well again today.
    By the way, Friday is the 2 year anniversary of a DK Q that he attempted and failed and imperial squat walkers in cadence. The rest of that Q was a bit of a blur to me.

  7. Thanks for the workout DK. Also, thanks for the welcome. I will definitely be back.

  8. I love a new guy jumping right into the comments! Welcome to Clamshell and OJ, see yall in the gloom!

  9. Welcome Clam Shell and OJ. I am stoked as I have an immediate connection with you both. At least some ready made conversations! OJ – Keep Aisle 5 honest and get him out in the gloom. If he bags call me. New Market clown car always has room. Same goes for you McRib – if you want to practice SSH form.