Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Detention and a Hard Working Cockroach


A magnificent seven with a plus one posted for a beautiful morning at Heartbreak Ridge.  Hilarity ensued as we engaged in the following:

Mosey around parking lot to warmup COP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Don Quixote, Merkins, meet our temporary mascot (more on this later)

Mosey to field for intervals= 15 secs sprint, 45 secs mosey: repeato x10

Mosey to pull-up bars for: 7 pull-ups, 15 froggers, 10 flutter kicks, WWII sit-ups while waiting for the pull-up bars: repeato x3

Mosey to dip bars for: 7 jerkins, 10 SLOW heals to heaven: repeato x3

Mosey to the Hill of Eternal Pleasure for 10-12 (number being debated) sprints up the hill.

Mosey back to parking lot for 10 burpees in cadence and single leg APDs.

YHC took us out

NMM:  It’s always a pleasure to see the bright and shining faces of a strong PAX waiting to see what’s going to happen at the AO.  In this instance, the special surprise was the bright and shining carapace of our newest mascot hereafter known as Lunchroom.  Our six legged buddy saddled up next to Honeydo and then moved to the center of the ring to take the Q.  Ever the shy one, Lunchroom suffered from stage fright and moved back to the outer circle to finish the exercises with Garbage Plate.  For the life of me, YHC can’t understand why we didn’t immediately break into a round of Dying Cockroach, but maybe that would have been mean considering our guest.

Speaking of cockroaches and their knack for not letting anything stop them, Kru made some comment about coming back and completing all of his runs up The Hill of Eternal Pleasure after the workout.  YHC hardly heard this due to the sound of everyone sucking wind, and little thought was given to the statement.  Guess who went back to finish his hill sprints after the COT.., that’s right, it was KRU!  YHC has seen people do monthly challenge reps after a workout and nut jobs like Sippy Cup and Saab run home, but YHC has never seen someone head back to the AO to get in their reps.  Detention well served!


  • Malpractice has a fundraising 5k in the works.  Someone please post the link.
  • See Honeydo if you can clown car to CVille this Saturday.
  • There may be an over under on how long YHC can muster a Hardywood’esque positive personality when posting in Nashville.

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  1. Honey Do RVA on

    That was one monster roach. Strong work by Kru to finish the hill repeats, respect!
    I love the idea of Toga reinventing himself in F3 Nashville as their resident Hardywood encourager. We can start a pool as to how long that can go on.
    Nice mix of Arms and running toga!

  2. Apparently Toga has mastered control of time and space and is now able to cram 90 minutes worth of beatdown into 45 minutes. Whew. Good livin.

    As far as detention, I was just making sure I got my reps in on the hill. You guys crushed it, respect.

  3. Good job fellas! I was sleeping off a brewery crawl so was cheering you on from the comfort of my pillow.