Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The river runneth over


6 stalwarts posted on a Sunday morning for a holiday weekend run.

The Thang:

7 or 10 mile options this am.


Out of respect for Lab Rat (and the trails), we decided to stay off the trails because of the recent excess of rain in the RVA area.  Given that, YHC decided that we would hit the access road next to the river and then do a few laps around Belle Isle and then take Canal street back to the pump house.  Good plan?  Except, the access road next to the river was a few feet under water and in not such good shape for a morning jog.  Plan C.  Take Riverside drive to Belle and go from there.

Plan C worked.  Although the streets are a poor substitute for the trails, Riverside drive is a pretty good road to run on.  The road was clear the whole way and we then took the bridge down and across to Belle Isle.  The first group led by Honeydo with Bleeder, Pucker, and Helix then ascended the stupidly steep hill near tredegar, headed to canal street and made their way back to the pump house parking lot.  Reported mileage was in the 7 mile range.

Saab and I headed back over the T. Pottersfield bridge, to the flood wall (yes Circle K, TYA found the flood wall successfully) back over the bridge, along the canal, up the stupidly steep hill, and then up to canal street to head back to Pump House.

YHC had a hard time crossing T. Pottersfield this morning.  The river was raging and while I was running forward, the river was crossing under me at 90 degree angle pretty rapidly.  I got dizzy really quickly.  I tried to concentrate on the bridge just in front of me, but could not help but see the raging river.  For those who have been on a cruise and tried to run on a treadmill while aboard, It was a very similar experience.  Your body is going in one direction and your mind sees the world moving in an incongruent way.  Very disorienting.  Thankfully, the bridge is pretty short and  recovered really quickly.

Kotters to Bleeder for the Sunday run.  It has been a while, but Bleeder looked strong out there.  Pucker was also out after a brief hiatus.  Pucker and I discussed our mutual desire that Nashville wins the Stanley Cup.  In Boston sports, it seems to come down to who you hate less.  Nashville only has one or two players that we are required to hate being from Boston, so our routing interest lies there this time around.  Go PREDS, or more accurately, please don’t let the Pittsburg Penguins and Crosby win another cup.



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Thanks for the run gents. Weather was pretty good for a long run.

    Saab, thanks for sticking with me for the extra miles and for the ride home Much appreciated.

  2. Following along from South Click. Lab Rat approves of today’s plan C…See y’all back in the RVA…Where the Q actually writes up back blasts after workouts on Tuesday.

  3. Honey Do RVA on

    The 7 mile PAX opted for the North Bank trails on the way from Belle Isle. Several trees washed out on the way.

  4. Let’s also note that TYA ran to the AO, therefore logging about 13+ miles. He was intrepid.

    Impressed by Bleeder and Pucker’s performance today. Honey Do and Helix were making it look easy.

    It was great to finally traverse the floodwall. Enjoyed the excursion TYA.

  5. Nice work, gents. Sorry to miss this week.

    Did anyone see whether the pipeline is below the water line?

  6. I did actually. It was about 4 ft above at its highest. . That said. You could not have taken it all the way. You would have been under water.