Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Man Cannot Live On Sports Alone


15 Northerners and 1 Stalker of YHC’s posted at the Creek for a little fun with sports and some other things!

Here is how it went down:

Mosey around the parking lot to pick up any LIFO’s


  • SSH
  • DQ
  • Hillbillies
  • Merkins
  • WWII Sit-ups
  • LBFC’s
  • Arm Circles

Catch Me If You Can

Partner up, Partner A completes 20 Merkins while Partner B runs around the church to the back corner to complete 15 WWII Sit-ups. If A catches B then B does 5 Burpees; if not A will complete the burpees. Rinse and Repeat with roles switched

Catch US If you Can

In teams of three, Partner A completes 20 WWII Sit-ups while Partner B carries Partner C. Once Partner A catches switch roles. Completed one lap around the church

Mosey to the Field


Using the cones, run around the bases completing an exercise at each base:

1st Base – Heels to Heaven x10
2nd Base – WWII Sit-ups x10
3rd Base – Merkins x10
Home– Touch a Trees – Run to a tree and back; “x” number of people behind you

Rinse and Repeat – Round 2 x20 and Round 3 x10

Crab vs Bear Soccer 

Divide into two teams, one team has to crab walk while the other has to bear crawl. Once someone scores a goal, team scored on must completed 10 burpees then the teams swap roles (bear to crab and crab to bear).

Mosey back to SF

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out.


Another good one at The Creek this morning! YHC showed up around 5:20 to find Carpenter, Woody Pecker, Chowdah, and LP had already arrived. YHC got things set up before a little 2nd F time. Around 5:26 most of the PAX had arrived when Abacus decided to grace us with his presence on his Gear. He was our FIFO for the day. Abacus, RAMM Gear is down at Mary Munford!!

During our mosey, we pick up some of our LIFO’s (Yard Sale and Phonics). During COP the rest of the LIFO’s came.

Catch US if you can brought some challenges. Some of the PAX had to modify since they had some 2.0’s in their groups. The group of Phonics, Bucket Mouth and Boom-Boom lead the PAX.

YHC brought back a PAX favorite with the soccer game. He made some modifications to “rules” to makes things more competitive. Some good mumble chatter during this time. Final score Team B (YHC’s Team) 2 – Team A 1

Shout out to Off Shore for making another trip to the North!!

Welcome to Woody Pecker!! He is visiting us from Seattle and a guest of Carpenter’s. We hope you are able to post in Seattle soon!

Finally, shout out goes to all the PAX members in Mechanicsville. This last year has been amazing and this PAX (in particular) has become not just a workout group to YHC but a Brotherhood


  • F3 Charlottesville – Looking to get a clown car together one Saturday. Look for more details on FB Messaging group
  • Reese Strong Rock and Roll Cornhole Tournment – June 10th – See Phonics
  • @F3Richmond on Twitter – Follow it




  1. This Q was much different than the last few days. After Wednesday’s Aiken Legs/Booyah Merkin Ladder followed by Thursday’s Elevens that included walking backwards up the hill, it was time for a break. You gave us that today. I am sure the break is over and a beatdown is planned tomorrow at Dogpile. See you in the Gloom!

  2. 6 LIFOs? Is that a Corporate record? I was happy to see all of you this morning. Sorry I couldn’t chat as I was rushing to make my 530 time commitment. 5 of 6 Spit. Keep rolling!

  3. Yesterday was the toughest workout in a while. Today I had to not do one of the exercises for fear that I would collapse. I was supposed to carry someone and when he told me what he weighed, I said let’s lunge instead. Thanks Spit for all your hard work this week!

  4. It’s been a great week Spit. Thanks to Davillians for the hospitality. Awesome AOs and spirit up there.