Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Don’t Forget To Bring A Towel!


12 mighty men showed up in the middle of a blinding rainstorm for lots of splashing, grunting, lying and mutual mockery at 45 Minutes of Mary. Here’s how it went down:

Mosey to corner of Grove & Westmoreland

COP (In Cadence): SSH 20x, Don Quixote (Abe Vigoda) 10x, Arm Circles forward/backward/small/big 5x, 10 Hand Release ‘Mericans, 20 LBCs

Splash through the puddles to the paved area by the track on the other side of the school

Double-Dora 1-2-3
Partner up, then partner with another set of partners. One team knocks out exercises while other runs.
Stage One: 100 ‘Mericans, 200 LBCs, 300 squats :: plank for the six
Swap partners just like a West End Lasagna Party
Stage Two: 100 Carolina drydocks, 200 crabcakes, 300 jump squats :: Al Gore for the six

Puddle of Love: Tunnel of Love, just with 100% more puddles

Triple-Check: Balls to the wall, World War II Sit Ups, Runner sets pace by running across paved area to fence and back. Six inches for the six.

Mosey to basketball courts for a quick layup circuit, then circle up for quick Ring of Fire

Mosey back to the flag where we found it had fallen over in the rain. Two minutes of burpees as penalty.

Three of minutes of Mary: Dead cockroaches, LBCs, Alabama Prom Dates, Superman

Numberama, Namarama, YHC took us out.


  • Saab can’t abide suboptimal gas mileage, so his clown car for Week 2 of the Charlottesville Launch is full. Get in touch with Saab if you want to get a second car set up so he can slipstream you the entire drive to save on some gas money.
  • All The June 10th!
    • Get in touch with Phonics to join the Cornhole & Rock n Roll fun to benefit ReeseStrong.
    • Fudd is also hosting a party (M’s invited) at his house that night. RSVP to his preblast.
  • Thursday lunch at noon:
    • Downtown at Pops Market (if not it’s at Wong’s across the street).
    • Short Pump at Whole Foods … be sure to price check those organic Tomatoes!
  • Memorial Day Convergence on Monday! See HoneyDo’s preblast for more details, but be ready at 6:30AM sharp at Belle Isle parking lot. [Map]


While TYA has brainwashed us into believing that it is perpetually sunny and 70 in F3RVA, there’s always a little excitement and apprehension driving to a workout in the middle of any ridiculously stupid weather. Your Humble Correspondent drove through a monsoon to get to 45MOM and wondered how many people were as stupid as he? These are the sorts of workouts that YHC always remembers most … the cold ones, the snowy ones, the slushy ones, the torrentially soggy ones … no one remembers a Beast in 55 degree weather on a clear fall morning. These are the sorts of workouts that make us the men we are striving to be … well done all!

Upon arrival, the rain was coming down in slow but very fat drops and no one was anxious to get out of their car. As YHC went to plant the shovel flag, YHC walked by Sabotage in The Brooklyn Beamer (probably listening to Flute Loop) and he rolled his window down and asked “Hey yo, we’re all just going to Denny’s … … right?” YHC won’t say he didn’t think about it …

The rain really started pounding down and it was time to mosey. There was lots of mumblechatter from the PAX about not using the pavilion for the COP and the rain intensified. Doesn’t the PAX know that such complaints always seal their doom? Like any good Q, YHC then decided to ensure maximum soakage by making sure we had time for some work on our six in the COP and some super soggy Hand Release ‘Mericans.  Dear PAX, YHC will always cherish your howls as rain lashed down during LBCs. Later on, the Tunnel Puddle of Love was just icing on the cake, although Bleeder pointed out he probably would have done it first just to get everyone to hate him. Not sure who did it during the PoL but someone(Swirly? Bleeder? Grunt?) was doing their best to remove a whole arch of the tunnel by forklifting it from underneath. YHC didn’t see … did it work?

The rain started letting up during during the Double Dora, but since the AO is so flat, the standing water all over was amazing, huge sections of the running track turned into lakes, especially the side by Commonwealth Street. YHC is pretty sure TwoCan was ready to get out his water skis on our laps around the track.

Other than YHC chirping “Don’t forget to bring a towel!!” during Triple-Check, YHC didn’t get to hear much mumblechatter so please call it out in the comments. Partially it was because of the rain, partially because YHC took some prescription cough medicine before arriving and partially because YHC blocked out Toga questioning YHC’s virility during “six inches.” It’s okay because Toga is just getting in as much mockery as he can before moving The Togas to Nashville at the end of this summer. Be sure to give Mr. Grumpy your best barbs before he leaves us to get the Nashville PAX in line with Corporate’s high standards.

Great job everyone! Viral Out.


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  1. Very impressed with the whole crew! Welcome back after a few weeks TwoCan!! (I never know how to spell his name)

  2. Also Shakedown made it to his second ever post in three days. Welcome back! You are fitting right in with the gang!

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Good job Viral – way to keep it fun out there… That was one of the wetest workouts yet Excellent work fella’s ..
    Toga will indeed be missed around here – glad he’s with us for the rest of the summer. Toga’s new corporate assignment is to take the lead in Nashville. Nashville is a great town with fantastic F3 potential and it just got a heck of a lot better cause Toga is coming to town! Go gettem brother … Corporate does make road trips – just sayin…
    See y’all in the gloom..

  4. Solid Q Viral. Way to take control and snub all pleas for mercy, but I have been in PatientFirst all morning trying to determine just what disease I contracted during POL while dragging the open wound on my elbow through the muddy goodness of 45MOM. I thoroughly expected a belly-flop contest to be your closing salvo this morning, but alas 2 minutes of burpees actually jostled some of the water from my ears. Just a bunch of IDIOTS out exercising in the rain and mud at 0530…Good Times!

    Toga – will you be doing a Jeter-like farewell tour of all the RVA AOs this summer so each corner of RVA can give you its best parting “gift”? Seriously, the F3RVA PAX will lose one its best and most faithful when you leave town.

  5. First, I really don’t have words for leaving at this time. Not having something that gives you a reason to get up and get after it everyday is daunting to the say the least. F3 and the RVA PAX mean a lot to me, and that will never change.

    Now to the workout. You really should have brought up Towelie during the workout. So many quotes that could have been used… Great Q in the sloppiness today, and Swirly has every right to contact HR about Bleeder following the Puddle of Love (not sure that means what you think it does)

  6. Döner Kebab on

    Very sad to read that Toga is moving away. I’d like to suggest an additional corporate assignment (pending approval by corporate, of course): Before you leave, appoint an RVA PAX member as the new Mayor McGrumpington of Grumpsville

  7. Love to post in conditions like that. I’ll be ready for the suck if I ever make it on Survivor one day.

    Welcome Shakedown.

    Best wishes Toga. Near, far, wherever you are, I believe that the heart does go on.

  8. That was great Thanks Viral – I especially like the puddle of love… Best moment this morning was at 5:00 when my wife asked “are you really going in the rain?”. Yes, yes I am.

  9. Despite my best efforts to eschew cold showers, I had one thrust upon me this morning…people who do that on a daily basis are knuckleheads.

    The sound of PAX sloshing through a damp tunnel will haunt me through the long weekend.

    Towlie reference: Perfect
    Optimizing gas mile observation: Spot-on
    Toga leaving: Without words…(well, maybe a few naughty ones…)

  10. It’s official, Shakedown has a bad case of F3! 🙂 Great job out there my friend!

  11. Brother we are happy for you and your family but sad for us. I just looked into my crystal ball and I foresee an F3RVA road trip to Nashville in the future!

  12. Viral, brilliant soaking today! UPChuck, the forklift caused the HR dept to get involved into today’s workout, Glad the insurance carrier covers F3….

    Toga, you will be missed here with your smiling face, positive attitude and reckless abandon for everything Burt Reynolds; All kidding aside, I remember the first day, when my fitness level was negative zero, and you were crushing it from Day one! F3Nashville will be better when you are there!

  13. Boots might have helped….

    Toga-sorry to hear the unfortunate news. 2 memories-my first Q at NO TOLL and my watch was off and you looked at me and said’ “we have 2 minutes left.” And a rainy, sleeting am at NO TOLL back in March and you had the Q when Swirly was injured. You arrived with 1 min before start and looked at us 5-Wilson, Honeymoon, Flatline, Gumbo, McRIb-and said. “Let’s Go!” Than halfway through the workout told Wilson, “Shut up and workout.” I appreciate your all up front, no funny business, lets CRUSH a workout!! Maybe I will run for Mayor of Grumpsville or be the one to keep Fudd on his toes! And yes, F3 Nashville’s gain, no doubt!!

    Loud and Proud!

  14. Really appreciate the kind words. I also remember your first Q. Great fun! I think you would do a fine job keeping Fudd in line. The key is to make it uncertain whether or not you might actually punch him. You will need to show some overall grumpiness on a regular basis.

    PS: Did I really say that to poor Wilson? If so, I feel a bit bad about that one. He has so little going for him anyway…