Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Righty Tighty / Lefty Loosey


Twenty-two gentlemen and scholars showed up on an all together pleasant morning for 45 Minutes of Mary on 18 May.  It was the two year anniversary of Bleeder inviting MARV to F3, so MARV took the occasion to Q his second ever boot camp style work out (there’s been quite a few Q’d runs).  A quick shout out to Loose Goose, who was missed today, and who led my first Q two short years ago.


We live in a right-handed world.  Scissors, most golf club sets, clippers for any type of tree trimming, they are all made for those that are right handed.

As a card carrying member of the proud to be left-handed party, I’ve heard my fair share leftist jokes…my favorite being “hey, you are standing on the wrong side of the ball” when I’m on the first tee about to enjoy a round of golf.  Yeah, really funny.  I’ve never heard that one before.

For that reason, this morning’s Q went in reverse as we circled up in the normal spot located in the northwest corner of Mary Munford’s Elementary School.

Yes, but instead of the normal side straddle hops, Don Quixote’s and LBCs and the like, as lefties are sometimes known to do, we went backwards.

PAX ran to the shovel flag (or where the shovel flag normally would stand…I guess I need to get myself a shovel flag) and immediately did…

21 American Hammers
21 Freddie Mercuries
21 Alabama Prom Dates
Spelled out with our legs the names (in ALL CAPS) the last three VCU Head Coaches (Shaka Smart, Will Wade and Mike Rhoades)
Ring of Fire…running in place and knocking out three mercans on “Go”. 22 times around the circle…so a total of 66 mercans to start, for those keeping score at home.

Now may be as good of time as ever…there’s really no significance to the number 21…I was somewhat of a Roger Clemens fan growing up, but only to the extent that anyone else that followed baseball in the mid 80s was. I think I’ve written before that I was #42…21 is half of that…maybe next year I’ll have the stones to do 42 American Hammers to start.

On with THE THANG…

My freshman year, we heard legendary stories about the seniors (who had just graduated) getting caught after curfew one year on a road trip. The Monday that they returned from the three game series they had to run 20 minutes of “Bat Poles” which involved running with a weighted bat over their heads from foul pole to foul pole. In the spirit of those guys, and my left-handedness, whenever the PAX moseyed or ran, we did so with our hands in the air as if we were carrying those hated weighted bats. This was fun for about :21.

Following the beginning Ring of Fire we moseyed (with imaginary bats in full tow) to do four corners. Northeast corner was five pullups, northwest corner was 10 dips (either on the bar or on the ground), southwest corner was 10 mercans, southeast corner was 10 leg pull ups. We would run from each station with our arms above our head.

The conclusion of Four Corners led us to the west side of the tennis courts where we proceeded to do a set of agilitities, running the width of the four courts. Halfway through the set, both on the way and way back, we paused to do an exercise.

First set– Butt Kicks / 3 burpees
Next set — Russian soldiers / 10 monkey humpers
Final Set — Karaoke / holding your leg up in baseball balance position for 10 seconds

This time seemed as good as any to do a sprint back and forth on the width of the courts. We learned that one of the reasons UVA Baseball went 2-22 in the ACC in 1994 was because the position players had to run 18 60 yard sprints during the course of a game and they were exhausted.

Next up was something relatively new…manual resistance arm workouts. PAX paired up and did the following with their partner adding manual resistance…

Side Arm raises with resistance on the way up and down
Front Arm raises with resistance on the way up and down

When asked after the Q what Corporate thought of the manual resistance exercises, corporate replied “yeah, that stuff is really good for toning the muscles.”

This will be the last time we do manual resistance for awhile, I’m thinking.

The PAX picked up their invisible sand bats and ran back to the northeast corner for the “left-handed ring of fire”…as we finished with…

15 Monkey Humpers
15 Donald Quixotes
11 Monkey Humpers
21 LBCs
9 Monkey Humpers
21 Side Straddle Hops

I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm. It was a fun morning. See you in 7 hours in the gloom.


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  1. Nicely done MARV! The left handed Q brings out a solid beat down, I varied that bat with me most of the day!

  2. Southpaw was pleased to meet a fellow lefty and wants to come back to 45 Minutes of Mary soon.

  3. Nice work Marv. We need some more Marv creative Qs in the rotation — though, feel free to leave those weighted bats at home next time. Like TYA said, I should have chosen a lighter bat because after the first Merkin ROF and couple of moseys, my shoulders were smoked. Well done and congrats on 2-years.

    Welcome Southpaw – way to crank it out young man!