Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

One on One Ultimate Frisbee?


On the morning that the Q had proclaimed a “fun day” on Tuesday to 18 pax, at 5:30, there were two lone soles staring at each other in the empty parking lot.  With much regret, Lab Rat put his frisbee back in the truck and announced to Phonics that we were heading to the back of the AO for a trail run.  As we were heading out the parking lot, along comes Mudface (NOT a runner…yet anyways), which put a fork in Plan B.  Yard Sale was hot on his heels, so Plan C would be performed on the fly.

SOP (square of pain)

All not in cadence:  SSH, Lt. Dan’s, merkins, WW2’s, LBC’s Freddie Mercury’s, Diamond merkins


Space Exploration-

At school playground:

  • walk out merkins on the swing sets- put your feet on the swing, do a merkin, hand-walk your feet up, do a merkin.  Repeat to failure (these SUCKED)
  • Pullups/leg lifts on the monkey bars X10 each, then flapjack.

At Park playground:

  • People’s chair- high, then low.  Repeato
  • bearcrawl the playset, pick a slide down.
  • Prison cell merkins- for 1.5 minutes
  • Dreya rolls- for 1.5 minutes

Love Skatepark: partner runs to skatepark and back, other partner performs exercises:

  • Lunge
  • broad jump burpee
  • walk out merkins

Mosy back with karaokes, backwards runs, and side shuttles to mix it up

Mary: American hammer, Freddy Mercury, Dying Cockroach, something else

1 minute of Superman for the LIFO’s


Admittedly, the Q was less than enthused about not getting to do Plan A this morning, as he bought a new damn frisbee for it!  He was really looking forward to playing and was surely visibly downtrodden when nobody showed.  He also didnt feel like doing anything in cadence this morning…maybe out of rebellion for nobody showing up for Fun Day.  Another time, another place, he guesses.  The pax did take advantage of the non-game day though, got in a few different exercises than we normally do, and got to play on some of the county provided equipment.  Let’s just say that we stress tested the equipment and are able to put the safety seal of approval on both playgrounds.  This was the first time that YHC has ever actually gone down a slide at an F3 workout, so there’s that.

We purposely ran over 1 minute this morning, since Phonics and Lab Rat decided to wait on MudFace and YardSale…Superman with both the original and the Costanza versions were sung to the best of the pax’s abilities.

Great job this morning, gents!  See you soon.

Lab Rat apologizes.


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Break that frisbee back out again soon bro !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Enjoyed the workout this morning. Having 4 of us allowed us to continue to explore the AO. We have now seen about 25% of it.

    Did not expect to Bear Crawl up a playset and then come down a slide. Great suggestion Mudface. This might be difficult with a larger PAX.

  3. I was in a crap mood this morning. Hope it didnt show too much. I wanted to play!