Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

To the track


A gathering of 8 PAX collectively glanced at their watches at 5:28 as McRib rolled into the parking lot wondering if we were late to start.  Nope,  just McRib getting off of HST (Hallsley Standard Time) to make it 9.  At 5:29:30 Wilson asked who had the Q, since no one had signed up YHC took it and we were off.


To the track, the temp did not drop as nearly as much on the track today as with past glooms but it did feel cooler for a few minutes.  A nice slow lap around the track to warm up.  Circle up for SSH, Hillbillies, DQ, Hand release merkins, LBC.

Speed work time!

  • 200m @ 75% – 15 crunchy frogs IC
  • 200m @ 90% – 15 crunchy frogs,  15 merkins OYO
  • 400m – 15 crunchy frogs,  15 merkins OYO, 15 copperhead squats IC
  • 400m – 15 crunchy frogs,  15 merkins OYO, 15 copperhead squats IC, 15 mountain climbers IC
  • 200m – 15 merkins OYO, 15 copperhead squats IC, 15 mountain climbers IC
  • 200m – 15 copperhead squats IC, 15 mountain climbers IC
  • 100m sprint – walk the turn to recover – 15 mountain climbers IC

1+ Lap finisher

Mary – 25 WWII, Box Cutters, Crunchy Frogs

Burpee Shuffle, Ring of Fire



YHC noticed late last night that no one had signed up to Q and made the decision that speed work was in order if no one took control by the morning.  Lucky for everyone it stayed open and we got some track work in.  When it was becoming clear that YHC had no intention of leaving the track McRib pointed out that there are fields and basketball courts and all kinds of other fun things at this AO, not today.

Wilson tried to smoke himself and everyone else out during Mary but the lack of a breeze made him the only affected PAX.  He will be taking is 4th F to the Charlotte area, Gumbo recommended plenty of salmon and Malbec to ensure they get the full experience we get to enjoy daily.  The sprints together gave all the PAX a little extra push around the track.  Great work on the track by Tatu, Marmaduke and Bobber.  They may be on the #runningsucks boat for now but that could change, especially if that Q slot for SOT stays open…

Great to be able to be out there, lead, and see the group growing.  This was given to us and has benefitted each of us in many different ways.  Keep giving it away.


  • Charlottesville kicks off this weekend.  See TYA for this weekend or Lab Rat for any of the next few Saturdays.
  • Wilson’s golf tournament is Friday, say hi to ChiChi Rodriguez if you are playing
  • Wilson has some family coming out to Dogpile Saturday with a couple college football playing 2.0s that are sure to kick our a$$, come join the fun
  • Congrats to Loose Goose on his new gosling. Get in touch with Viral if you want to take them a meal or see their signup schedule here.
  • VQ week is June 26th. If you haven’t Qed before or haven’t Qed a specific AO.  Splitting a Q with a vet is also an option for anyone that may not be up for it.

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  1. Döner Kebab on

    Good work, boys. Honeymoon will be happy to know I trapped another friend last night…and shouldn’t have fartsacked because I had to scramble to relocate it after waking up later than usual.

  2. Rosie, I will be sure thank you later when I cannot walk! Nice job pushing us. I was right there on that sprint (thought that would have ended after that – nope). Great seeing the fellas today and yes…….. #runningsucks

  3. Strong work today men. Great to get back out to SOT. The darkness may have lifted, but it is still a little extra gloomy around the football field of broken dreams (as McRib has coined it).

    Those 400m sprints really suck, so much so that I nearly blacked out during my attempt at the Oyster Sprint for 100m.

    Major Tclaps to Bobber for his impeccable form during the Crunchy Frogs.

    Thanks for leading us today Rosie.

  4. Great job leading today Rosie! Also, being on time is awesome and I’m going to try to get better at that.

    I’m still on the #runningsucks wagon, and today I found myself longing for a triple check in front of the school or a curb crawl on the basketball courts…but I must say I definitely needed the runs…so thanks for leading us through that. That said, this should give us incentive to fill up that q sheet at SOT.

    On another note, it appears cuddles he has shacked up in a storage trailer next to the football field of broken dreams. So DK, SOT may not be the best option for varmint release (or maybe it’s perfect…it’s all about perspective)…


  5. Did you look closely at the raccoon and did he roll his eyes as though to say “Here we go again…where to this time…”

  6. Döner Kebab on

    Probably for the best…I’m trying to split up the family, anyway. Hopefully they don’t plan a family reunion in Salisbury.

  7. Döner Kebab on

    This one was smaller than the others…and covered in his own fecal matter. Goodtimes.

  8. That looks like a bruiser this morning, nice work! I am not familiar with a crunchy frog … was this a new addition?