Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Situps on acorns


Seven PAX kicked off the covers to post for The Punisher this morning.  The Thang:

Jog to the west side of Holton Elementary for the startup COP with the welcome, the disclaimer, and then SSHs, IWs, Hillbillies, LBCs, DQs, and Arm Circles.

Return to the front parking circle, spread out around the circle, and start Squats.  One PAX member runs, in High Knee form, to the next man in the circle and tags up, relay style.  The next member begins to run.  Continue until three rounds are completed.  Switch stationary leg exercises to Lunges and change run style to Butt Kickers and complete three more rounds.

Stroll to the field adjacent to Laburnum Avenue for Super 21.  Adjacent to the school building, PAX completes 1 Merkin then 1 WWII Situp, then 2 of each, and so on until 5 of each have been completed.  Plank until all are done.  Mosey eastward to the edge of Monticello Avenue for quick Mountain Climber set followed by rounds 6 through 10 of Super 21.  Stroll along Monticello to its intersection with Laburnum for an APD set, then rounds 11 through 15.  Finally, jog along Laburnum back to the edge of the parking area for an LBC set followed by the final rounds 16 through 21.

Move back near school for some finishing Mary and a yoga-inspired move or two.

COT with YHC taking us out.


Discussed efforts to support the Charlottesville flag planting – need names of potential FNGs and Q support.  Check with Lab Rat.

Discussed also, following some conversations last week and some emails yesterday, how we might wrap Bryan Park into the AO fold possibly as a trade up AO or for another workout.

YHC’s WWII Sit Up form started out not so good and deteriorated.  Focused on my own form.  I’m sure the other guys had better form. Super 21 is a simple concept but is rugged in its execution.  Good thing we stayed on grass.




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