Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

You vs. You & You vs. the Gloom


If there was ever a morning to say see you in the gloom, this was it.  A faithful and loyal PAX assembled, and here is how it went down:

  • Warm-up
    • 25 SSH
    • 10 merkins
    • 20 Russian soldiers
    • 20 helicopters
    • 20 DQ
  • Mosey to the cover of the Pavilion…25 dips, 25 one leg step-ups (right leg), 25 dips, 25 one leg step-ups (left leg), 25 dips…PAX does Al Gores waiting for everyone to complete
  • Partner-up for the journey to the Pillars of Pain – 1 man does a double KB farmers carry while his partner does 15 monkey humpers and then karaokes to catch-up, trade-off, and rinse and repeat until we reach the Pillars
  • Deck of Death with burpee marches mixed in
    • Exercises for the deck of death – merkins, crab cakes, WWII sit-ups and deep squats (all in cadence)
    • Stopped the deck 3x to do a burpee march to another station in the Pillars – performed a burpee at each concrete block until progressed 13-15 blocks down, finally reaching the other end of the pillars
  • Mosey back to the KBs at the front of the Pillars
    • 10 lawnmower pulls with each arm
    • 15 standing rows
    • 25 Alabama honeymoons
    • 10 halos each direction
  • Finished up with 25 pole smokers

COT at the Pillars with YHC taking us out, giving thanks for the PAX and the comradery and fellowship we are blessed with.

Moleskin – There was one thing that was obvious today…White Deer found the conditions quite “nipply,” and we all knew it.  I guess you could say he was excited to be there today, and Farrah Fawcett would be proud (reference for the over 40 portion of the PAX).  While uncomfortable for some, White Deer was unabashed (no surprises there).  Thankfully for him, no one recommended a manzere for future workouts.  Thankfully for us, no small children were present for which we had to explain this visual.

I say it often, but Chum Bucket is a beast.  He sets a pace, and keeps it upbeat for the entire PAX.  It is a privilege to have him with us.  He is always encouraging the PAX, which does not go unnoticed.  Cecil, Johnsonville and Earthworm each were dealing with some form of injury.  YHC was grateful for them being there and battling through.  Major t-claps earned.  It is not the same without these men.

Rumor has it that Flip Phone was “warm and cozy” in his fartsack…so weak.  Nightcrawler’s whereabouts remain a mystery.  We will be waiting for you when the PAX reassembles.

The PAX went to Einstein’s for additional fellowship afterwards.  With all games being rained out and fewer obligations to attend to, everyone felt the freedom to stick around for a while.  No truth to the rumor that Cecil was hoping to stay there all day and avoid the estrogen onslaught that would be invading his house for a shower later that day.  It was a true blessing to have this time of fellowship with these men.



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  1. Common theme on camping out at the 2nd F this morning…..nice!
    Great job, fellers.