Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The One Legged Goose


Two traveling PAX gathered on the magnificent mile for a deep-dish beatdown of sorts.  Gather in front of Fudd’s hotel, quick pleasantries and off we went.  Here’s how it went down, more or less:

The Thang

Run south on Michigan to Randolph and take a left on Randolph to the north end of Grant Park.  Mosey to Prizker Pavilion for some modified bench work.  20x Derkins & Dips & Stepups.

Mosey around the bend to attempt the climbing wall.  Attempts were made to climb.  Bear crawl instead around the climbing wall.

Meander across the million dollar pedestrian bridge (sculpted steel and composite decking) and cross a 6 lane highway to say hello to a small lake.  Run along Lake Michigan for a little burpee lightpost.  Started with two, then dropped to 1, then lunged between lightposts.

Work our way around the lake to the mighty Abegweit.  PAX admired the long lines and discussion was about where to pull a fudd on ships and lighthouses.  No clear answer on this one.

Continue along the lakefront trail to to the shut down ice cream stand for walk out BTTWx5.  Merlot, sushi and Italian almost splashed.

Work our way to the Chicago river where we saw… a one legged goose.  A likely kin to the Spider Run duck as he just stared as the PAX ran by.  Continued to wander along the river walk with varying exercises including broad jumps and bear crawls through glass.

Climb back up to Michigan Ave taking the stairs twice, once single step and the second time double step.  Mosey back to the VSF for a little mary on the street in front of Fudd’s hotel that included flutter kicks, freddy mercuries, WWI situps.

Finish up with two rounds of Line of Fire x10.  Hard to do a ring with 2 PAX.


Always great to catch up with Fudd.  By coincidence his hotel and my hotel were across the street from each other.  Why not meet up for an RVA beat down Chicago style?

Discussion primarily centered around the first class parks that Chicago maintains.  It’s amazing they can keep such fine facilities while maintaining a modest (sic) tax rate.

We also discussed the greenish luminance of both Lake Michigan and the Chicago River.  Our conclusion was it is due to glaciers.  No one disagreed so it must be true.

Some of the locals really enjoyed our display of Mary in front of Fudd’s hotel.  APDs probably would not have been appreciated.

Have a great day all.

Splinter out.



  1. Way to get it done while down range. Very happy to hear that a one legged goose is actually a goose and not some new fangled exercise (but sorry to hear about the missing leg I guess).

  2. Look….it’s Splinter! Definitely a welcome surprise to have a fellow PAX member in such close proximity on a work trip. I’ve been missing F3 during the weeks and so it’s nice to get a post in on a Wednesday in the Windy City. The workout was not necessarily an epic beatdown, but that’s probably for the best. My Italian food from Monteverde (recent James Beard award winner) and the three glasses of Sangiovese from last night were close enough to splashing as it was.

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    So glad Corporate could hook y’all up !!! Great BB!
    Safe travels dudes…

  4. Not fooled for a minute. That goose witnessed your self inflicted beatdown and promptly tucked his leg in a show of “see what I can do…”

  5. Perhaps. I didn’t pull up the skirt to see if an extra leg was tucked up there somewhere.