Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

That Time DK Brought a Raccoon to SOT


8 varmint chasers assembled SOJ @ SOT for a hot potato Q that started with the trendy fad of the week: the release of the latest catch. Honeymoon was over the moon to be part of the festivities after Döner Kebab hogged it all to himself the day before. Cuddles Jr peaced out, the PAX cheered (though Wilson couldn’t bear to look), and Rosie took the Q.

Mosey to front of school for COP: SSH, DQs, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Flutterkicks (possibly another?)

Mosey to side of school. School bus stood in the way of the desired exercise. Rosie calls an audible: Partner up, perform called exercise while partner runs modified loop. Exercises were Box Jumps, Merkins, Freddy Mercuries.

Bus drives off. Mosey to bottom of hill, find a new partner for Love Hill: Broad Jump Burpees, Russian Soldiers, Walk Out Merkins, then repeat until both partners summit the hill.

Wilson takes Q. Mosey to Baseball Diamond for Baseball Beast: 6 x 6 reps at each base. Exercises called out by PAX: Burpees (Honeymoon), LBCs (Marmaduke), Squats + BearCrawl b/t 1st & 3rd (McRibb), Monkey Humpers (Döner Kebab), Merkins? + Lunge b/t all bases (Tatu), 1 other (PAX, help YHC out…)

Bobber takes Q. Mosey to Basketball courts for BBall Court Tracers + 15 merkins. COP: Slow Squats, Monkey Humpers

Honeymoon takes Q. Mosey back to Baseball Fields for Dips on benches, in cadence.

Rosie takes Q. Mosey back to VSF for Mary: LBCs, Box cutters, 1 Legged APDs, Hello Dollies, 70s of WWIIs

COT: Wilson took us out, praying longer for raccoons than for the PAX

Naked Moleskin

YHC apologizes for the inaccuracies of some of the exercises scribed. Please offer corrections as you find them.

Honeymoon was like a kid on Christmas morning after Döner Kebab gave him the thumbs up upon arrival, confirming Cuddles Jr was in tow.

Wilson couldn’t watch, admitting his fear of woodland creatures…including chipmunks. Good thing there wasn’t a clown in Döner Kebab’s car.

The PAX was more subdued this morning, having actually seen the release. Admittedly, it was a lackluster task that doesn’t usually require an audience.

YHC learned that Honeymoon doesn’t like write back blasts and actively refuses doing so. Maybe that’s a Mooresville, NC thing. Tighten up, Motor City!


Tennis Social w/ Honeydo either tonight or tomorrow night @ Kanawa. McRibb correctly asked for clarification, pointing out that the Pre-Blast says “Thursday” and “May 10”, neither of which occurs on the same calendar date this year.

Wilson’s Golf Tournament next Friday.

HDHH this month?

Charlottesville launch eminent.

VQ Week – June 26


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  1. Honey Do RVA on

    Tennis is Thursday, can’t interfere with Wed HillRun. Nobody has rsvp’ed yet. I’m signing up to Q an ABB SOJ!

  2. I will verify the Raccoon was released. While I am impressed that Doner Kebob caught/released the critters, I would have chosen to reduce the variability of their return! Go to the light cuddles! Not even a chipmunk will taunt Wilson without paying a price! Bet I make some fight lists now! lol

  3. Some minor suggestions for health, safety, and plain curiosity (from someone who had to bag raccoons in his days living on S-side):

    – Check for rabies: The image of the PAX running in all directions from a rabid raccoon is concerning if not comical.

    – Shoot some spray paint on them. It will be interesting to see if any re-appear at your house (I am betting they will)

  4. I’m sorry I missed Cuddles Jr. and Honeymoon’s giddiness to participate in the release. We should mention that multiple failures to post a backblast will result in the next release being on your property.

  5. Great work this morning fellas! I’m sorry I missed cuddles jr this AM due to my LIFO. I need to adjust my circadian rhythm by about 10 minutes it appears.

    All in all good times on the hot potato q and great bb. I feel like we may be starting an SOJ ritual by releasing the varmints before cop.


  6. Thanks for taking the BB DK, and thanks for the early morning entertainment. Honeymoon was like a kid at Christmas when he saw you had a passenger. Guess that’s how they do it in Mooresville.

  7. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    HDHH next Wednesday at Saab’s house. Bring a 6 pack of beer and DayGlo spray paint along with your favorite woodland vermin. This is gonna be fun.