Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

That Time DK Brought a Raccoon to NoToll


14 varmint catchers fought the lure of the fartsack and assembled at NoToll for an SOJ beatdown that went something like this:

COP: SSH, DQs, Arm Circles, Merkins, Boxcutters

Mosey to Tennis courts for Pan Pax 8-count Burpees

The 4 poor souls who tripped up on the cadence are instant Ghosts, the rest of the PAX lines up on either side of them and are Pacmen. Pacmen try to crab walk to other side without getting tagged by ghosts. Plank once tagged.

Mosey to soccer fields for Quadruple check: dips, muscle ups, 25 WWIIs (pace) – repeato x4

Mosey to end of soccer field and partner up for Love Field, like Love Hill but on a field: 1 partner runs to end and back while other partner performs slow moving exercise. Forward lunges, Imperial Squat Walkers, Backwards lunges

Mosey to poles for Triple Check: Pole Smokers, sideways curb crawls, bear crawl to end of 2nd curb and jog pack (pace)

Mosey back to VSF for LBCs

COT: Gumbo took us out


YHC prefers not to incriminate himself regarding the title of this Back Blast, though he did arrive 10 min earlier than usual. YHC was hoping to see Big Blue upon arrival to team up with Swirly for a special assignment. Enough said. For further details, please speak to any PAX member in attendance. With such high activity at the homestead, there could be a repeat performance at SOT tomorrow…the thought of which apparently delights Honeymoon.

Flashdance was determined to name our FNG who took off as soon as it was time to start…and offered Cuddles as a suitable F3 name.

The mumblechatter was like never before. The SSHs and DQs were a bit of a disaster. The PAX wasn’t counting. YHC was even talking through the cadence. Good times.

YHC took a timecheck at 20 min and everyone agreed it felt like we had been out there for double that…mostly because we stuck close together and the mumblechatter didn’t stop.

Love Field was a crowd pleaser…especially the Imperial Squat Walkers. Great idea.

Great workout, gentlemen. Thanks for the hard work and the laughs.


F3 Charlottesville launching – see Lab Rat

Wilson’s golf tournament May 19

HoneyDo’s tennis social on Thursday – BYOR


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  1. This kind of stuff only happens SOJ, though I like the thought of Bring Your Own Racoon to Tennis Thursday at Kanawha.

    A great morning at NoToll, the mumblechatter and fellowship were indeed strong and sustained, but there was also some good work being done…way to herd the PAX today DK.

  2. Honey Do RVA on

    I guess BYOR leaves room for interpretation. Just no Jorts from the SOJ crowd please if anyone does come.

  3. The PAX was like herding racoons today and we now know how tough that is. Good work DK, thanks for teaming up for the the extra WWII.

  4. Funny you say that HD…in all our mumblechatter this morning, we had a good discussion about Jort Formal Wear. Are you sure we can’t pair our K-Swiss with some black jorts and a silk ribbed tank top and make it NOJ past check point Charlie?

  5. I fully believe that this posting will be discussed for years to come. If this workout wasn’t an F3 RVA ESPN Instant Classic, I don’t know what qualifies.


    1) Loosing “BYOR”s before mosey time
    2) A straight up mumblechatter mutiny during the COP
    3) Wilson’s insane crabwalking skills ghosting all the Pac-mans
    4) Many a crop-dusting of the PAX during the thang

    Now that them Citified West Ender Fancy Boys have their own Tuesday AO, Southside is getting back to its roots!

    As far as the workout, DK much respect for getting everyone back in line and delivering a helluva beatdown. Love Field was a great idea and I’m sure will become a new favorite. The Polesmoker / bear crawls at the end wore me out! Might I suggest a name for your sideways curb crawls around those ovals … The Luggage Carousel! 🙂

  6. Rosie, the more DK described his drive over the more I realized the PAX is just like raccoons.

    1) Hissing
    2) Crapping on everybody all over the place
    3) Getting angry at the Q’s choice of music

  7. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Hilarious – looks like a solid beatdown too.. Nice job guys.. Sorry I wasn’t there to assist you DK….
    See y’all in the gloom…

  8. Solid Q DK! Welcome Cuddles. I’m sure you totally exist and the fact that we “just missed you” every time is a mere coincidence. I’m sure you are the hottest animal at your school even without any actual proof of your existence.

  9. Everyone knows Cuddles is a supermodel and lives in France, Hardywood ….

  10. Honey Do RVA on

    Who knew tennis and a few beers would be met with such derision. Do they even have tennis courts SOJ?
    Be sure to bring your clay court shoes just in case if you do venture NOJ.

  11. Great job DK! Enjoyed the mumble chatter and fellowship today. I look forward to some more raccoon adventures at SOT tomorrow.

    Welcome cuddles!


  12. Flashdance on

    Its always a interesting Q when DK is leading and today with the Raccoon was no different. I laughed about this morning all day!!!

    Thanks for leading DK always a circus but fun to be in it..