Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

How have I not done this before?


23 F3RVA men, 1 New Bern-NC F3 tourist and 1 FNG appeared on a glorious day for the gloom for what was YHCs VQ at 45MOMM.  The group was large and lively this morning pre-workout with an FNG and visitor to meet and greet.  YHC gave the 1 minute warning and started the timer when TYA’s GPS satellite watch gave us the correct time.  Short mosey to the designated warm up area.

DQx10, HelicopterX10, Imperial WalkerX20 (tribute to May 4, Star Wars Day as my 2.0s reminded me), Crab CakeX20, Freddie MercuryX20 – 5 Burpees OYO  **5 burpees to be done whenever the Q’s watch beeps (every 5 minutes)

Partner up for 2 rounds of 20 Wheelbarrow steps and  20 partner leg tosses.  Mosey to the tennis courts for Fantastic 40s

At the end line 10 merkins, lunge across Court 1, 10 monkey humpers, Lunge, 10 Scorpion Dry Docks, Lunge, 10 WWI, Lunge to the end – Plankarama

Repeato going back with 20 of each and bunny hopping across each court.  Al Gore at the end.

Repeato with 30 of each and bear crawl across each court – Plankarama

One more time with 40 of each and crabwalk across each court – Al Gore

Suicide on the Tennis Courts (for Circle K) then circle for Mary, 1-leg APD, Box Cutters, Dollies

Indigenous people run the long way to Cary and up Commonwealth, 2 lines to balance the PAX.  Enough time for Flutter kicks and the last round of burpees.

Lab Rat took us out (mainly because he just continued to talk while we brought it to a close)


First, welcome to FNG Angus.  YHC is generally not a fan of names that are actual names but when an FNG shows up with plaid shorts and hair flowing from under the hat, some things just fit.  Glad Ingrown was able to join us, you are welcome back anytime.  Isn’t F3 tourism great!

Great turnout for what I am sure many did not realize was my VQ at 45MOMM.  I am not sure how I have been posting for almost 2 years and not Qed here.   A couple LIFOs but Flipper was the one that YHC noticed coming in in full Apache mode helicoptering his way in to the COP.  The chatter was high before we started and didn’t really stop no matter what I threw at the PAX, apparently YHC needs to go back to the drawing board and make it tougher next time.  Although the groans that were heard when the methods for traversing the courts were announced gave YHC a smile.  TYA wanted to go for 50 of each today but that would have involved a handstand walk across the courts.  Lab Rat questioned early on whether we would get a mile in today, doubtful, and definitely not running.  Bunny Hop lessons by EF Hutton and Gumbo next week, details to follow.

We know we are getting close to summer when Hardywood breaks out the Jerusalem Cruisers, somehow he is still just as fast in those as with regular shoes.  Many complaints about the Qs choice for wheelbarrows and PLTs.  Who doesn’t need a wheelbarrow that can handle some rough terrain?  YHC didn’t know you were all so sensitive.  All PAX are now interested in the remainder of the M9 Braves season after MARV’s riveting recap of Coach BT’s stress of ripping a stalemate from the jaws of victory.  Good luck Bravos.

Keymaster posting for the 3rd time in his first week, did not leave a rep on the table.  Way to push through.  Great job fighting through today men.  As discussed in the podcast, bear crawls and crab walks are not something any sane person does in a normal fern led workout.  After the fact YHC realized that the beatdown was well tailored to Bleeder and his strength close to the ground.  You’re welcome.

Viral has found a new way to EH by getting MARV to record a message to his neighbor, a VCU fan, that considers MARV a local celebrity.  MARVs agent was not on hand to approve this but I think Corporate was able to authorize it.  Whatever it takes to get those FNGs out.  #giveitwaway


  • Wilson Golf May 19
  • Lunch today Pop’s and Whole Foods, Short Pump
  • VQ week 6/26 – not only for PAX that have not Qed but find a new AO and Q if you are interested
  • F3 Charlottesville – see Lab Rat for contacts or if you are interested in helping a launch weekend

What a great way to start the morning.  Thanks for letting me lead, it was a pleasure.


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  1. Great job today. Too many things going on to include them all in the BB. Sound off.

  2. Great work Rosie. I told BT that I feared the 4th method of transportation in your ground war this morning and you delivered on my fear with the crab-walk. The 5-minute buzzing watch and burpees hanging over our head the entire workout was also brutal.

    BT – let’s get a Game Changer account for the M9 Bravos so the PAX can follow the games via the live feed – just what you need, right, a PAX full of bench coaches and Monday-morning QBs. Hope you guys cross the line and put a W in the books this Saturday.

    Welcome Angus and Ingrown (love that name!) – thanks for coming out guys.

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great job Rosie… Loved the tempo – definitely Swirly style !!
    Welcome Angus..
    Well done today guys – loved seeing 25 @ Mary!
    See y’all in the gloom..

  4. Great Q Rosie, It was great to have such a large PAX at 45MOM. Welcome to Angus and Ingrown from out of town. My shoulders are toast today.

  5. That was a SOLID workout … wow I’m beat.

    You can tag me with a LIFO as I woke up at 5:12 in Stately Viral Manor over in Bon Air and said “aww ______! I’m gonna be late!!!”

    Welcome to Angus and thanks for joining us Ingrown … way to work fellas!!

  6. I am writing this comment by gently mashing my face in the keyboard as my arms are completely non-functional. Great Q Rosie. Love/hate the 5 min burpee reminder. Welcome Angus!

    An interesting side note. I was not initially familiar with Angus’s birth name, but the voice I remember from somewhere. Post COT I asked Angus if at one time he hosted a podcast called 5 Decisions Away. Indeed, he claimed credit. I’ll make the case that this is still the funniest storytelling I’ve ever heard. He told me he had someone describe the podcast as “a great sermon with tons of cussing”. A link to the podcast is below.


  7. This is hilarious, Hardywood.

    Having not posted today at 45MOM (I posted at Circus Maximus), I have a question from out of left field for Angus…there are 82 podcasts on the link Hardywood sent. 77 of them are listed as “Explicit” content. The most recent THREE are among those without the Explicit content. Can’t wait to hear what happened after episode 79 to change the format.

  8. Now see, these are the juicy nuggets we need when naming someone! Although the Gamecock in me still wants RockPetter, we could have gone with any of the following:
    Car talk, Serial, Crackle (voice)…etc. I guess Angus will have to do.

    Anyways, Welcome Angus! Glad to have you on board.

  9. Great Beatdown Rosie! The ground work was much appreciated, Flipper absolutely Crushed it this morning,

    Welcome Angus!

    Hardywood thank you for providing the Podcast link, I look forward to hearing them, the introduction post workout sounded like it will be more than entertaining!

  10. Hell of a job today, Rosie. Still don’t know how you slipped by without this Q under your belt. Please don’t take my chattyness as a sign of an easy workout, as that was a smoker this morning. Breakfast was a protein shake and 2 Aleve.

    Also, thanks for making everybody listen to me talk to close it out. You know I loved that!

  11. Assuming you are talking to Upchuck, you must understand that Upchuck doesn’t merely “listen”, he engages the podcast.

  12. Bleeder thanks for the shout out!! Little did I know that going to Kindergarten in a wheelchair and spending a lot of time as an under 5 year old crawling around with my legs in casts would pay off someday. So today I’m good at bear crawls and crab walks… kinda makes it all worth it. Ha..Just like in Angus’ podcast Don’t Quit.. Welcome brother Good to see you again… Ingrown you represented New Bern well today.. way to post.

  13. Angus Young on

    Guys thanks for welcoming me into the family. I will make a slight correction to Hardywoods post. A preacher that listened to the podcast stated they are ” The dirtiest sermons he had ever heard”. I take that as an honor. Upchuck- Te be honest we kind of sold out to the man. We were signing a contract with Service Master to grow our business with there existing locations and they did not find the podcast to fit their brand. Considered it was not a ton of money but more money than we could have ever made on our own or been a part of we changed our ways and then ended the podcast.

  14. I am half way thru ep. 1 right now! 2 things-

    1. We TOTALLY missed the opportunity to give you not a good name….a great name.

    2. I feel bad for poking fun at you regarding the Clemson thing now, you are my new hero. I hope you post to Dogpile tomorrow so I can shake your hand, then go wash mine.

    All serious, I am dying laughing listening to you two. Never seen the show, but I think listening is better than seeing in this case. Mad respect.

  15. Angus Young on

    Lab Rat- We did not even start on the ongoing Clemson Gamecock rivalry to come. It takes a lot to offend me so if you are apologizing already you are in trouble. I usually cross the line and then I go farther and farther till it gets funny. i will see you at Dogpile in the am.

  16. Me and you- we are going to hit it off. I can see it.

    See you in the morning.

  17. The naming is officially closed with the posting of the BB, on the other hand, that was a big piece of information left out that could have had significant naming impacts. I blame Taxi Cab and Hardywood for leaving that out.

  18. You, Pearl Jam, NWA…the list is long and distinguished. No shame. The bid-ness of America is bid-ness.