Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

That’s what we call a “Success Donut”


18 F3 RVA men said H@#$ to the No to the fartsack and came to WDOG for some Tractor Tire fun.  YHC came in hot with an empty trailer bouncing behind the Jeepster, exclaimed 30 seconds gentlemen and off we went.  We accomplished the following:

Mosey to the far end of the Carillon field for COP.  Exercises included:

Invisible Jumpropes x 20 (unless your name is TYA, who would prefer SSH)

SSH x 20 (Just so TYA did not feel left out)

Up Downs (just to roll in the wet grass)

Merkin Tractor Tire (sponsored by Holland Chiropractor Practice) Ring of Fire – each PAX perform 5 merkins while rest of PAX planks.  Repeato unitl all PAX have completed 5 merkins.

Success Donut Beast-Two PAX carry tire stopping at 25, 50, and 75 yard line to switch arms.  Rest of PAX runs length of field stopping at 25, 50, and 75 yards to complete 6 of exercise called by Q.  Exercises included merkins, APD, WWII situps, flutterkicks, and others. (YHC can’t remember, YHC was just calling random exercises while trying to catch breath).  Repeato until everyone has carried the Success Donut the length of the field.  OOPS!!! The Success Donut (sponsored by Holland Chiropractor Practice) ended up on the wrong side of the field.  Let’s do one more with YHC and Hardywood (who officially named the Tractor Tire, now we do not have to call it the @#$% Tire when it show up) carrying the tire back to the starting point.

Success Donut Flip – PAX splits in half and faces each other about 20 yds apart.  First person flips Success Donut to corresponding PAX on opposite side while PAX performs exercises called by Q.  (Coincidentally, Flipper decided to join the PAX during the Success Donut Flip.  He must have heard his name, FINALLY.  More on this in a minute.)

Success Donut Triple Check -PAX forms teams of three with one member running to the other side of field, one member doing WWII situps and one member performing Success Donut (sponsored by Holland Chiropractic Practice, I am getting good at this NASCAR thing) Dips.

Mosey back to the flag for Numberama, Namearama and YHC took us out with a real quick prayer.

NMS : It does not matter how early YHC gets up, YHC just can’t seem to make to WDOG with less than 30 seconds to spare.  Hence the late arrival, even though YHC was up at 0440.  Sorry for the Q’s almost lateness, as I am sure TYA and Swirly had a game plan.  Great job by the entire PAX this morning.  During the initial mosey, as the PAX was crossing the Carillon field in the gloom, Swirly noticed the Tractor Tire at the end of field.  As he saw it, he said “There it is…”.  Hardywood’s response was “That’s what we call a Success Donut”.  Hence the name, but Flipper still has naming rights.  In true NASCAR lingo (I don’t even know that much about NASCAR), the official name is F3 RVA Success Donut sponsored by Holland Chiropractic Practice.  More about Flipper.  Post beatdown, Flipper told YHC and others that he was 2 minutes late.  (Why did it take Flipper so long to join the PAX. Stomach issues, Got lost???, etc.)  No, he just could not find us because YHC was not in the usual spot for the COP.  With that being said, Flipper ran around the entire AO, to include the VITA track, Pump House road and right in front of the Carillon without looking to the far side of the field.  His fancy GPS watch said he ran 2.5 miles before locating the PAX.  He said if he did not find us, he was just going to run around aimlessly for 45 minutes because he knew where the PAX would be at 0615.  Glad you found us and got to experience some Success Donut fun.  After all, you are sponsoring the coupon.

Thanks for letting me lead, and has Saab says “Putting up with my nonsense”

Circle K




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  1. It’s funny, one person says “we have not done X in a while”….guess what you are doing a bunch of for the next week. Cannot wait to see what Beast Rosie has in store in the morning!

    Bummed I missed out on the success donut!

  2. Honey Do RVA on

    Solid Q Circle K. Great to see JTB back out and way to post twice this week Keymaster. I kept seeing Bleeder looking around the AO for another P2P group, alas it was just Flipper running around avoiding the tractor tire.

  3. That was awesome! What a workout!

    Watching Circle K come clanging into the parking lot with the empty trailer was a little scary for a “success donut” FNG like me. I knew what it meant but I had no idea it would be so fun.

  4. Great workout Circle K! It was a little cozy around the tire on the triple check but that was a lot of fun. 🙂

  5. Oh and the most shocking revelation of this BB is that you’re not that into NASCAR.

  6. TYA told me this morning he was going to say anything on the next Podcast, so as not to have to endure a week of beasts. Over/under on TYA not saying a word-5 seconds

  7. Success Donut (Sponsored by Holland Family Chiropractic) is no joke…. neither is running around an AO in search of your brothers. We all know I am slow, but when in search of the pax a dude runs with a little purpose. Running love Hill by yourself in the gloom, with previous rabid and aggressive Deer sightings really makes you motor. Should have known Circle K wouldn’t take that route with his near miss last time. Even 20 minutes with this group is better than missing.

  8. Yeah buddy! This was the perfect workout to come back to after a few days off. Circle K, great Q and thanks for bringing the Success Donut. Excellent to see the relay warriors out this morning. Great job today fellas.

  9. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    The success donut will put a hurtin’ on some backs. Well done, fellas.

  10. Glad you guys had the Success Donut out today, nice work. I’m disappointed I have yet to attend a Circle K Q with the tire. Of course SOT had 5 tires going today but who’s counting.

  11. You against You. Plus, I don’t think the M would take to kindly to me storing six tires at the house, just to out do SOJ. But it is a thought.

  12. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Always love me a Circle K Q – well done buddy..
    Hell of a job Flipper way to hang in there and keep plugging till you found us – Fudd knows a little something bout that..
    We didn’t see the representative from that pay to play group cause TYA had already told that cat – (OH We’re Done)
    See ya;ll in the gloom.

  13. Wilson_RVA on

    Did I see Conspiracy came out? Did he pay his dues?? Looks like a solid beating!

  14. Circle K, In true NASCAR form, the Holland Family Chiropractic Success Donut by Goodyear was excellent for a classic Beat Down, The Lally Construction SSH’s were a gift to the PAX! I am sorry that Flipper had to run most of the Woodfin Security WDog Perimeter, but glad he found us in the still under-construction Verizon reflecting pool for the Capital One Carillon; Also, I’d personally like to thank the VCU Rams, Wells Fargo, Ellewood Thompson’s, The FBI, Edelman Financial Services, Corigibytes, LLC, IBM , Thrivident Retail Solutions and the Virginia Community Development Corp. To anyone I missed, please blame Labrat.

  15. “Please hold all questions, as I am going to read a prepared statement:”

    “Lab Rat would like to take this opportunity to apologize to those corporate sponsors that were left out of the above back blast. It is not our intention to leave any of our sponsors out, it’s just that in the spur of the moment, some sponsors are easier to remember than others. But, just like in the theater where there are no small roles, there are also no small sponsors. It’s just that some are bigger than others. Once again, Lab Rat apologizes. Thank you.”

  16. OK, that was excellent.

    Please thank Hardywood for preparing the statement.