Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Slaying the Beast


An even 10 posted to DaVille this morning, the weather was here, wish you were beautiful.  Spit and Opus planted the flags this morning while the Q assembled his shoes.  Bonus flag courtesy of Bleeder had the F3 banner flying today.  More on that in a bit.

-Parking lot tracers (of course)


  • SSH
  • DQ
  • IW
  • arm circles
  • merkins (form focused)
  • LBC


  • WW2 situps
  • merkins
  • burpees
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • WW2 situps


  • Pax split into 2 teams of 5 and perform same as above (minus the 2nd set of situps).  Next guy leaves when guy in front completes 3rd set.


  • American Hammers, Heels to Heaven, Freddie Mercury’s, Dying Cockroaches


Listening to the podcast on Sunday, YHC heard some chatter regarding the beast, and how we havent been doing it lately.  Well, who am I to pass up a chance at an easy Q?  I don’t know about the hard to finish though, as the pax this morning DEMOLISHED the beast and spit out the bones!  We had a little extra time to kill, so I decided to make it a relay, as has been my mode of operations lately.  Practice makes perfect, as this went off without a hitch!  Team #2 (Q’s team) took an early lead, but Lab Rat could not hold off Phonics on the Mountain Climbers and team 2 took over.  With Spike on the anchor for team 1, there was little hope on re-capturing the lead, but we made it close.  Everyone pushed hard and it took a minute to catch our collective breaths to make it back to the flags.

Upon arrival in the light of day, YHC noticed that the F3 flag was upside down!  Luckily, there were no Seal Team or X-Wing Fighter crossfit groups nearby so as to think that F3 was in distress.  We flipped the banner over and banged out a few minutes of Mary while the Q cried inside (The relay took it’s toll).


  • Ashcreek 5K May 20th.  Confirmation that at least some people will be doing it the hard way.  If you need to borrow an F3 shirt, I will be happy to lease some of my collection out.
  • New AO at Pole Green Elementary starting soon!  Dry run this Thursday.  5:30 at the school.
  • It’s spring time….and that means it’s EH season!  Ten at DaVille in good weather is not enough, hit up your neighbors and co-workers.  Try to find somebody to bring to a workout.
  • 72 WW2 situps for everybody, the lucky 2 that got them in the relay enjoyed 108.

No apology of the week yet, but the week is young.  Stay tuned….

Lab Rat apologizes….




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  1. Nice work fellas…now an all WWII Beast would be an idea. 216 WWII situps right? Hmmm?

  2. Having done the all-burpee beast that Toga hosted, I would just say that variety is the spice of life and leave it at that.

  3. Way to bring the beast back LabRat. I also listen to the Podcast when Bleeder talked about the Beast and like him I remember how much it sucks about halfway through. Then you decide to make it a relay!! Sucks x2!!

    Great job fellas! Glad to have Neck Brace and Anchovy back in the PAX. Hopefully we will see some more soon!

  4. Nice work PAX. First attempt at the Beast. I had trouble getting my breath during the 10 count.

    Well done F3 RVA as well. 49 posted at 4 AOs. We need a few more at Daville next Tuesday to put us over 50.

  5. Another Daville workout took my breath away. Lots of folks shined today. Lab Rat, don’t blame yourself for our team’s relay result. I found myself paired against Anchovy. Yikes! Also noticed that Phonics is killer at mountain climbers.