Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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15 F3 faithful and 1 Rad FNG got out of the fartsack this morning to put in some real work before the day began. HoneyDo, apparently still recovering from a previous workout (or his nighttime side job), planted the shovel flag as the PAX assembled. Here’s what followed:


Mosey to the NW corner of the grounds to find… lots of basketball and tennis courts!
Plank while awaiting the rest of the PAX. Disclaimer

COP – Merkins IC x10, Russian Soldiers IC x15, Freddie Mercurys IC x15 (slowly), Imperial Walkers IC x15. Maybe another exercise?

Mosey to the large plateau/field on the North side of the school grounds

Ark Loader — do the allotted exercise 1/3 of the way across the field, run to the end and back. Plank and await instructions. Allotted exercises: Bear Crawls, Lunge Walk, Burpee Broad Jumps, Crab Walk forward (arms first), Bunny Hops, Army Crawl. Plank-o-Rama somewhere in the middle.

Mosey to the holler between football and baseball fields.

Lieutenant Dan’s Hill — one partner runs up the hill & does 10 Lieutenant Dans at the top (squat + forward lunge L + forward lunge R). Other partner stays at the bottom and does 5 Merkins, then plank. Each partner does 3x. Audible called to do WWII situps during 2nd & 3rd rounds.

Mosey to nearby flat ground on football side of the holler. Push-o-Rama with recovery exercises built in:
Merkins OYO x15, LBCs IC x20, Werkins OYO x15, Squats OYO x15, Diamond Merkins OYO x10, Freddie Mercurys IC x15, Stagger R/L OYO x10 each arm, P90X Karen Pot Stirs each arm, Chuck Norris Merkins (knuckles) OYO x15.



– A great morning for a beatdown! It’s a pleasure and an honor to get some good work in with you men before most of the city is even awake. As mentioned in the COT at the end, it had been >1 year since YHC had Q’ed and it is great to be back in the saddle. I took some time off during a rough year last year from F3, and coming back to be a regular part of the F3RVA PAX has been an effective and essential part of my journey over the past 6 months.
– Welcome FNG Krü! Glad to have you, you did an admirable job this morning, both in coming to a group where you didn’t know anyone and in the work you did while there. We look forward to having you back. For those who don’t know the incredible 80’s movie from which his F3 name originates, here are a couple of additional clips that show what you have been missing from your life for the past 31 years. Plus, the bad guy in the movie was Bart Conner! How great is that?


– 5/19 – golf tourney, talk to Wilson
– 5/20 – F3 Charlottesville launch. Remember that F3 was a gift from a bunch of guys in NC to us, let’s do the same. Help needed in getting the word out in Hooville and in Q’ing and helping with the first weeks of Saturday workouts. Send email to
– The Q sheet now has Heartbreak Ridge on it. If you’d like to lead a workout at this great new AO, go sign up.


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  1. Loose Goose on

    GREAT work this morning, men! Which of you is planning to mow that grass?

  2. Honey Do RVA on

    Nice Q Goose! Wouldn’t have known you have been 1 year out from your last Q. Even with Toga defecting to SOJ at NoToll we had 16 out. Way to post without knowing anybody Kru, I know that feeling but you fit right in, hope to see you back soon.

  3. With all due respect, I had to take a shower after watching that first video. I am sure the workout had less cheese spread on it!

    Welcome, Kru!

  4. Great Work Goose! Are you hearing Foreigner “It Feels Like The First Time” playing over and over in your head? I love the 80s, but sadly missed this one. Will have to try and find it out there in the digital media world. Who wouldn’t enjoy spending an hour and a half watching a lovely young Lori Loughlin cutting her acting teeth?

  5. I hate to tell a story on myself, but I completely forgot. My internal monologue complained the whole way down to NoToll, and I could have cut my commute by going to HR. Ragnar may have dented my brain as much as my knee. Sounds like I missed beatdown, but I’ll remember next week.

  6. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    This is fantastic ! Well done fella’s
    See y’all in the gloom..

  7. Welcome back to Q ing Loose Goose. And welcome back from the Dismal Circus…(that is where sad clowns live)… We have all been there… moved by your words at the COT. Brothers people need this…tell the world

  8. I hope everyone was able to enjoy the extra plank time while waiting for me to complete the runs. You’re welcome. Remember: there’s no charge for Awesomeness. Also, I hang my head in shame – I’ve never seen Rad – BUT I did ride a sweet BMX back in the day if that counts.

  9. And like Honey Do said…. FITS right in…well done KRU… no charge for Awesomeness!!! My bike had a banana seat (still bitter)

  10. This has to the fastest from naming to commenting! I love this dude already!

  11. Loose Goose on

    No problem, you’re in good company — I also had not seen the place where my name came from (a Seinfeld episode) until after I had been given the name.

  12. The is so much awesomeness in this BB. Welcome Kru. And I mean come on Loose Goose, it’s a damn shame that a year went by. Let’s get that name up on the Q sheet real soon. Please tell your wife to hang on to keep the bun in the over a little longer till Hardywood gets a Loose Goose Q I would appreciate it.

  13. Nice work Krü!!!

    Oh and be sure to check out the forearm muscles (and forearm hair) on Lori Laughlin’s stunt double for the bike-dance scene. lolz