Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Be careful what you wish for


As the calendar turned to May, 6 redwoods, including a RiverRun virgin posted to kick off what could be the official start of BRR training.

Start out with minimal warm up Twin Twin Team Lane and onto Brigstock into Salisbury.  4+ mile route straight to Ellesmere and down Ashwell through Tarrington.  5 milers take the Mt. Hill loop and follow the same route down Ashwell.  Back to the school up James River Road (that is a nice slow incline to close out the run).


Great to see Upchuck out at RiverRun this morning.  YHC had thoughts of avoiding the hills but when Upchuck pulled into the parking lot I know we had to hit the hills.  No one comes ro RiverRun hoping for a nice flat run.  The shorter route was a little longer than 4 miles, sorry about that Lugnut.  Upchuck thought he was the only one on the trails yesterday but found out this morning that Lugnut made his way out there too.  Lugnut did not follow the normal F3 timing and posted at 2pm with his M.  That’s the heat of one of the hottest days of the year so far, way to push Lugnut.

Lugnut congratulated Gumbo this morning for Gumbo’s advancement in the world of corporate law.  Wilson, coming in late to the conversation, congratulated Gumbo on what he thought was Gumbo 2.4.  He was quickly corrected and Gumbo made a quick call to the doctor just to be sure.

YHC and Honeymoon discussed BRR training during the run and no matter what your expected mileage, it is time to kick it up to start putting in the miles. If TYA has his way with competing teams, you’ll want to start getting those miles in. You know, you against you…See TYA if you are interested.  If you are reading this you are interested, sign up now.

Congrats to the F3RVA teams that completed the Colonial 70 and Ragnar.  That was some brutal heat you ran through, great job.


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  1. Great run this morning men. Enjoyed running and chatting with Upchuck. Look forward to seeing you out for more River Run Mondays. Sorry for the pump fake at the end of the run.

  2. Nice run today, gentlemen. That breeze came in handy. Here’s hoping it sticks around all summer.

    Great to chat with Gumbo…awesome news career-wise. Congratulations.

    Indeed, today’s chat will stick with me. “Is that the school?” (Meaning, can I PLEASE stop running when we get to the school where my car is?). Gumbo, deadpan,”Yes, that’s a school.”

    3 minutes later…we have run past the school because Gumbo is a lawyer and that’s A school, but not THE school. Nice….

  3. Wilson_RVA on

    I am glad I got out of the Fartsack to enjoy the run today. I need miles for sure. Happy for Gumbo!