Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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A strong seven showed to Punisher on a morning for a true 70 and sunny day. With the Shovelflag planted we got after it:

COP – SSH, Freddy Mercurys, Alabama Prom Dates, DQS, Arm Circles.

Mosey to Basketball court for 1-2-3-4. Four corners- Squats, Merkins, WWII situps, Monkey Humpers. Start at 10, increase by 10 up to 40.

Borrow the 2 tractor tires- each man flips tire 5 times while pax does Jump Squats. Repeato.

Mosey to St. Francis Arboretum  (SFA) for touch a tree. Bear Crawl to tree, 10 Merkins & LBCs. 2 rounds, then increase to 15 and add 5 burpees. Last round increase to 20 and 10 burpees. Mosey back to school for some Mary and ROF.

NMS – YHC wanted to remember his grandfather on what would have been his 100th birthday this morning. Hence the 19, 17 in the COP. The 1-2-3-4 added up to 100 of each exercise. YHC is the 2nd, named after his grandfather and he set a high bar for me.

On to the fun stuff, welcome to FNG Keymaster, aka Vinz Clotho, Keymaster of Gozer. Nice work this morning! Great to have Goldberg back, hope your back cooperated this morning.

Mumblechatter chatter before the beatdown focused on Splinter’s perfectly groomed hair. No need to primp your coif before a Honeydo beatdown, as it may end up tussled at the end.

Fudd set the pace this morning, followed instructions, and was downright jovial. The 2 tractor tires were a bonus, YHC couldn’t pass up the chance to play with them.

The newly dubbed Saint Francis Arboretum was a blast with the mixture holly leaves and needles to roll around on. WWII situp count this morning was 120.

Announcements – May challenge is up WWII Situps.

Silent Assassin signing off.


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  1. Coif? Guarantee that word has never been used in a backblast. Glad I could provide the entertainment.

    A great tribute to your grandfather. I assumed the 19 at the beginning was the number of AC/DC concerts you have attended.

    As for Fudd – he is working on a Beavis and Butthead themed workout.

  2. Honey Do RVA on

    There was renewed discussion at Ragnar of a One-hit wonders Q in the near future where we pair unsuccessful once tried exercises with songs from 1 hit wonders. Fudd’s Bridge of Hate is guaranteed to be on the list.

  3. Awesome idea! Which 1 hit wonder song do you think we should play during the Bridge of Hate? How about “I’ve had the time of my life” by Bill Medley/Jennifer Warnes?