Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Geriatric and Pediatric-Colonial 70


Six F3 RVA PAX assembled at YHC’s house at 1145pm for the short trip to Courthouse Park at the Hanover Courthouse to tackle the backroads of Hanover, New Kent and Charles City counties before taming the Capital Trial.  YHC informed TYA earlier in the day to come to YHCs external office to wake him from his 2 hour nap before leaving.  In pure TYA form, he came flying in the door at 1140pm and we almost lost a team member as YHC damn near had a heart attack.  After Helix and Hat Trick arrived, we completed the packing of the EMC Mechanical van (Thanks for the Corporate Sponsorship Bleeder) and the adventure began.  Upon arriving at the start line, which had not been set up yet, the PAX assisted the race director in establishing the official start line and got out team packet.  (You cannot start a race without a start line).  Now that we are all official, let the race begin.  This is how it went, I think because with the lack of sleep, YHCs memory was a little fuzzy.

Leg 1-7.96 miles-Helix got the team headed in the right direction at 1:02am.  As a Relay Race virgin, team captain, TYA, thought it would be a good idea to throw Helix in the deep end and give him the first leg.  TYA was right (Yes TYA, YHC just typed that)  Helix crushed the first leg by completing it in a little over an hour.  Helix enjoyed his run and said it was eerily quiet on the Country Dark roads.

Leg 2-5.30 miles-Circle K received the wristband from Helix and set off on a straight run through very familiar roads.  YHC concentrated on keeping up the great pace set by Helix and finished in just under 50 minutes.  YHC had some chores to complete the prior evening (cutting the grass) and it took about fifteen minutes to sweat out the three coldbeers for hydration post grass cutting. Other than that, rather uneventful run except for the deer on the side of the road near the exchange zone.  YHC concurred with Helix that it was rather humid for 200am in April.  YHC also appreciated the escort from Hanover police across four lane Route 360 at about mile 4.

Leg 3- 7.66 miles-As the last Geriatric member of the team to run, TYA set off in the correct direction for a run in high humidity.  As the F3 RVA PAX knows, TYA sweats like polar bear in Florida, and given the humidity, we knew he would be drenched when he arrived at the next exchange zone.  True to form, TYA appeared as though he stopped at one of the houses along the route for an early morning swim.  TYA indicated this was the best run for him, but he gutted it out in true F3 RVA form.

Leg 4-10.46 miles-For the longest leg of the race, team captain (TYA) nominated the 15 year old track athlete.  TYA was right again (Damn, two time in the same backblast) as Hat Trick was flying.  The Geriatric team members realized they still had to be parents while on the adventure and we stopped on the side of the road to wait for Hat Trick at about mile 5.  It is a good thing we drove fast, as Hat Trick was running about 7 minute mile and we did not have to wait long.  The EMC van rolled ahead and as we cam to a right turn in the course, TYA exclaimed “Hat Trick won’t miss this right turn” and the PAX proceeded to the next exchange zone.  As we waited for Hat Trick’s arrival, we remembered a pretty steep and long hill along the route and the PAX thought that may have slowed Hat Trick’s blistering pace.  So we waited a little longer.  (Helix starting to get a little worried).  So we waited a little longer (Helix getting a little more worried).  With the anticipated arrival time now completely blown, we sent TSB off to begin her leg and the PAX went on a search mission for Hat Trick.  Fortunately, the EMC van found Hat Trick about a mile from the exchange zone. (Helix can breathe again)  He missed the turn that TYA said he couldn’t miss (TYA was wrong, now that bitter taste is gone) and added about two mile to his run.  Don’t worry Hat Trick, it was TYA’s fault.

Leg 5-7.37 miles-With Hat Trick safely collected, TSB was continuing the steady pace.  She crushed this leg, as the sun came over the trees she arrived at the exchange zone with the Tron still lit.  It was until about fifteen minutes later that the PAX realized she was still wearing the Tron and it was still turned on.  It’s all about safety.  Speaking of safety, in true TSB form, she told a story about stopping at mile 7 of her leg to safely relocated a frog to the side of the road, returning it to its more familiar surroundings and frog family.  TSB “It’s all about Frog Karma”  This is also where F3 RVA ran into F3 Hampton Roads.  It was good to catch up with fellow F3 brethren.  During our conversation, it was brought to our attention, the F3 Hampton Roads motto is “We do whatever F3 RVA does, we just do it better”  Instead of 70 and sunny, apparently it is always 75 and sunny in F3 Hampton Roads.  Imitation is the best form of flattery.

Leg 6-2.21 miles-K-Swiss awoke from her nap and stepped to the batters box for the first leg that did not require a head lamp or Tron.  She leg whipped her way to the next exchange zone in a rather expeditious fashion as she barely broke a sweat on the short distance.

Leg 7-8.92 miles-Helix takes the wristband from K-Swiss and slogs through his second leg, as the humidity is starting to go up, instead of down.  (Which is what Helix heard on the news).  His stopping point was at the Harrison Lake Fish Hatchery.  When the EMC found a parking spot, we were greeted by two puppies that just wanted to hang out with F3 RVA.  As we climbed out of the van, the puppies were all over TSB and K-Swiss. That might have had something to do with the fact they were feeding Sports Fan and Junior (YHC took the honor of giving them F3 names) peanut butter pretzels.  K-Swiss was so enamored with Sports Fan, she tried to hide him in the van when YHC walked away.  Could you imagine what YHCs M would have said if we arrived home with a dog from a 70 miles relay race.  K-Swiss would have blamed it on TYA.  (She is a quick learner)  The story ends well for a K9 f3 members, a local EMS crew took the dogs and was going to find their homes, which had to be somewhere along the course, as they arrived with an earlier team running the relay.  (In true F3 form, they just wanted to get a good workout in, before starting the day.)

Leg 8-8.27 miles-Circle K left the fish hatchery to run the first leg on the Capital Trail, which is a great place to run or bike, as you do not have to worry about traffic at all.  As YHC started this leg, the skies were still overcast, but TYA was going to the next exchange zone to begin his run in order to beat the sun and heat for the Pediatric portion of the team.  TYA darn near drowned his first leg, so his plan was to run Leg 9 without his shirt.  As we have all witnessed, TYA without a shirt requires sunglasses.  And it worked because about half way through this leg, the sun came out and the humidity increased even more.  In order to keep consistent, YHC is blaming this increased heat on the shirtless TYA.  Anyway back to this leg, YHC had a steady pace until about the 4 mile mark.  Just picture the wheels literally falling off a car.  That is what YHCs leg felt like.  The heat finally caught up to YHC, but he hobbled through the last 4 miles with the assistance of fellow teams giving YHC H2O refills.  I started with two and finished by drinking four.

Leg 9-7.27 miles-Helix collected YHC and somehow got YHC into the EMC van (Bleeder, I am trying to mention the company name as many times as possible, as stated in the Corporate Sponsorship contract) and we were off to pick TYA up who was running at the same time in order to beat the heat.  TYA was waiting for us when we arrived, still shirtless and still as bright and white as usual.  TYA absolutely crushed this leg and was already recovered when we arrived.  Thanks to the prolonged prior leg by YHC.

Leg 10-2.21 miles-Hat Trick was determined to redeem himself from his previous, self induced longer run.  He completed the leg in 14 minutes, followed by a 5 minute cool down run.  Enough said!!!!!  (Oh to be 15 years old again)

Leg 11-Before TSB began this leg, YHC and TYA told her that the end of her run would be pretty cool as she had the privilege of crossing the bridge at the mouth of the Chickahominy River, where it joins the James River.  She would have a beautiful view at the finish of her last leg.  What we did not know, is that there is a pretty steep incline on the bridge (to account for the taller boats that traverse these waters) and there was not a bit of shade for about a mile before the half mile bridge.  Did I mention (thanks to TYA taking his shirt off) the sun had burned off the overcast skies and it was hot.  (Just ask the PAX that was running the Ragnar).  As TSB arrived at the exchange zone, she immediately told her father (TYA), that Bridge was awful because the heat was not only reflecting off the pavement, but now it was reflecting off the water.  (And the view was not that great)  Take notice that this was directed only towards TYA, and not YHC, who was building up the view as much as TYA.  Hence, the Bridge was TYAs fault.

Leg 12-6.88 miles-K-Swiss was the appointee by the team captain, TYA, to bring us home.  This proved to be the right choice (I had to close the BB with TYA being right about something), as he understood this leg would require complete determination to complete in the heat.  As TYA is fully aware, gymnasts are pretty bada@# athletes and full of determination.  The EMC van (There’s another one Bleeder) ran about two miles up the course and found a shady spot in a parking lot to wait for K-Swiss and replenish her H2O, as the heat was really in full gear now.  She met us just as she was warming up, grabbed another H2O and off she went.  The EMC van again went another 2.5 miles up the course and waited for K-Swiss to repeat the same process.  By this point, K-Swiss was bouncing along like the Easter Bunny at and Egg Hunt.  (Did I mention this was the longest distance K-Swiss had ever run in her enitre life.  The longest she ran while training was 4.5 miles).  After getting lost twice (this was YHCs fault, as he was the navigator), we corrected our route and found another spot to meet up with K-Swiss.  Upon arriving at said spot, YHC asked TYA why he did not find a tree to park under.  Answer, there wasn’t a tree to be found, we were next to a field that was a mile long.  And here comes K-Swiss.  The bounce that was there was replaced with the expression of “I think I am in an oven” when she reached YHC for yet another H2O bottle.  The EMC van moved along to the finish line which was closer than the PAX initially thought.  K-Swiss rounded the corner for the last 1/4 mile and she had turned into a Red Solo Cup.  The entire Pax ran back to help her reach the finish line and cross together.  Immediately upon arriving, YHC took K-Swiss into the shade and poured 4 bottles of H2O over her head and down the back of her neck.  She never complained, as she was cooking.  At the finish line, the race party was in full swing and F3 RVA gathered with F3 Hampton Roads to break bread and drink multiple coldbeers.

Leg 13-Circle Ks house-After everyone had returned to their houses, we reconvened at Circle Ks for some well earned homemade BBQ, hotdogs, and all the fixins.  The entire PAX showed up with their families to watch some hockey and just chill out.

NMS : It was an honor and privilege to participate in this event with two great adult PAX and their respective 2.0s.  YHC learned a couple of things from this event:

Doing something challenging with your 2.0s is very rewarding.  Not a single complaint was uttered, just going out and crushing each leg.  Hat Trick (Helix 2.0), TSB (TYA 2.0) and K-Swiss (Circle K 2.0) showed what F3 RVA is really all about.

TYA cannot drive and look at a map at the same time.

Determination, Willpower, and Discipline is what gets you through these events.  All three were on full display from the entire PAX.

TSB loves frogs.

K-Swiss loves dogs (YHC already knew this, but we really do not need a third dog.)

Hat Trick is very competitive

Helix may not say alot, but his example is an example the entire F3 RVA PAX can learn from.  His determination adn resolve are second to none.

TYA loves these events.  As evidenced by the complete organization and coordination of all activities.  The entire PAX say “THANK YOU”

Circle K


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    What an event. I had a blast. Running was challenging because of the weather, but it made us all stronger.

    We all complain (sometimes) about “kids these days having it easy”. The 2.0’s we were with yesterday, showed me they are willing to do what is hard, with no complaint, to achieve a goal. Awesome work by them fighting through a tough race.

    Thanks to circle k and helix for providing awesome examples to their 2.0s about what taking responsibility is about. An honor to be on a team with you guys.

  2. Great read and great event! I love that this turned in to a family affair.

    I am sure you proud papas have already done so, but tell those shorties were are ALL proud of them for their performance!


  3. Kswiss just read the BB. She reminded of the beet juice Helix brought. Apparently it is full of PEDs because TYA and Helix were the only ones to drink the disgusting concoction and they crushed both of their second legs

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    This one will be extremely hard to beat for BB of the week. Proud of the Colonial team – very well done!
    Circle k – great job following the corporate sponsorship agreement

  5. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Important point, as I was worried I was having kidney failure after seeing my rust colored pee

  6. Great BB, Circle K. This event was indeed awe-inspiring, and the memories will warm me for years to come. These kids have hearts bigger than Mt. Everest. Our futures are in good hands. Some things I learned are: the Tron doesn’t fit as well upside down; TSB has excellent taste in music(I already knew she is a great runner), K-Swiss has the perfect combination of grit, maturity, and sense of humor; and Hat Trick may never cease to amaze me. One of my favorite lines from the book Charlotte’s Web describes Fern noting, as she swings from the barn loft, that grown-ups always forget how strong kids are. These 2.0s are made of iron. Thanks so much, Circle K and TYA for inviting me, and for your friendship, support, and example. TYA, if that color doesn’t change in a couple of days, you should probably get checked out.

  7. I don’t know about bbotw, but I’d bet money on this being comment of the week. Awesome work!

  8. Oh to have achieved what these 2.0’s did when I was that age…much respect to them and their senior “1.0s” who serve as role models and demonstrate what it means to push through adversity. Awesome job everyone!

    No rule you can’t have two BBOTW is there?…we’ll have to check with Corporate.

  9. Awesome job PAX. Way to fight through the elements and kill the Colonial 70. Tremendous RESPECT for 1.0s and 2.0s. What an inspiring performance and backblast. Well done!

  10. What an awesome time! It was great to catch up with you three and meet your 2.0s. We would never have even been there if F3RVA hadn’t helped launch your brothers to the south. So I guess I can blame my near death experience that was leg 12 on you guys…

    Amazing job by your 2.0s but especially K-Swiss!

  11. Dreamliner on

    Great backblast Circle K and congratulations to everyone (especially the 2.0s). It was great to hang out with you all at multiple exchange zones and the finish line.

  12. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Solid work! Love reading about these 2.0’s killing it. Proud, baby! Circle K, please get to work on another bb. Ive been reading this one for the past 2 nights and need something for tonight!

  13. Screen Door on

    Great BB and great to meet you guys out on the trail. Special thanks to Helix for the pick-me-up for the last 1/4 mile of leg 7. What an adventure!