Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Kettlebells in the Mist


6 men (Spit, Mud Face, The Carpenter, Blue Cheese, Helix and Yard Sale)  climbed out of the fartsack after 4 days of rain, hoping for stars and clear skies but were greeted by clouds and a steady mist.  This is how it went down:

Mosey to concrete pad at the entrance of the school.  Warm up exercises included : SSH x 40 , Don Quixote’s x 20, Arm Circles 10 small, 5 large and reverse, Mountain Climbers – 20, Merkins – 20, LBCs x 40.  Kettlebell Halo 1 minute each direction.

Short mosey to the bus loop for Four Corners of the Bus Loop.  1st corner – 20 boat – canoe’s , 2nd corner – 20 goblet squats, 3rd corner – 20 kettle bell 2 handed swings, 4th corner 20 military sit ups with kettlebell.  In the long stretches between corners PAX members held their kettlebell above their heads.  In the short stretches PAX members performed lunges.  Each PAX member went around 3-4 times. 

Next lay on the sidewalk with head over curb.  Take kettlebell 20 times from ground to chest.

Next kettlebell racked squat.  20 times with kettlebell in right hand and 20 in the left.

Next kettlebell regular tow.  20 times each arm.

Next – Pick a partner.    One partner runs around the bus loop.   One starts the exercise.  When the partner gets back, they trade places running and exercising.  The exercise was single handed kettlebell swing with changing hands.  Change of hands occurred chest high at each upward swing.  Each PAX member made it 2 times around the bus loop.    

Mosey to the flag for ring of fire.  Each PAX member did 10 merkins.  Perfect form was accomplished by Helix.  Mudface and Blue Cheese punished themselves by holding the last one for several seconds. 

Numberama, Namearama, Mudface took us out with a thoughtful prayer.

Announcements – I forgot to ask so none were made




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  1. Great job YardSale. Really stepping up lately with Qing.

    Glad to see Blue Cheese back out again!