Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Like Teets on a Bull


6 presented themselves on a windy wet morning to start the week off F3-style. This is what transpired – give or take.

COP: SSH, DQ, LBC, Imperial Walkers

20’s: Donkey Kicks (20), B-Crawl to marker, perform alternating exercise: 20 reps each (Heels to Heaven, Merkins, High Jumps, WWII), run to next marker and perform 20 Jump-squats. Continue for 20 minutes

10 Derkins then run to courts. Traverse side to side alternating Bear Crawl, Crawl Bear, Polar Bear, Crab Walk. Perform 20 Merkins on one side and 20 Flutter Kicks (4 cnt) on other.

Brief Suicides. Perform (something) when you reach the end of the court

Abbreviated Doras: 100 Merkins then 200 Heals to Heaven…Partner runs across court and performs 3 burpees.


Having been officially with F3 for 2 years (or a year and 6 months if you were to ask TYA), YHC finally attempted a timed-set of exercises. Not too much mumble-chatter to report, and YHC hopes that it was due to the PAX remaining sufficiently winded.

Of note, YHC had set his 25 dollar Timex to track time for each exercise. This method proved useless**, however, as YHC repeatedly sat on his watch during the exercises and would thereby reset the timer. An audible was called later due to poor time keeping.


YHC is pleased and impressed we have two separate contingents performing relay races this weekend. Given those who had completed the race in Roanoke this past weekend, I believe we all appreciate both those who participate in these events, and especially those who help organize them in the first place… Aye!

Saab abides

**See Back Blast title (in the parlance of West Virginia denizens)


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  1. Great work today gents. As always, I appreciate you coming out and putting up with my nonsense.

  2. Solid work today. Definitely a crowd pleaser. Nothing like wet ground, precipitation, and wind to get everyone focused on the business at hand.

    Congratulations on two years. Proof that a long and steady EH wins in the end.

  3. Way to put in a solid year and a half. Yet another example of a HIM that makes the RVA pax awesome, and we would be missing something without SAAB as a member.

  4. Nice work Saab and PAX. Our Donkey Kick-derived “art” installation remains lightly visible from Hermitage Road.

  5. The long pauses in trying to figure out what exercises to add to the Dora were awesome. You handled that just like a two year vet!

    AMRAPS remain the Golden Corral of workouts. Everyone can get as much as they want, but they can also make themselves sick. It certainly clipped my Chatty Kathy string.

  6. Toga, you went wild at the Golden Corral with your pace. We need to take you to a real buffet and see you in action.