Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hey God, Wilson & Honeymoon here-#runningsucks


One car with two PAX showed up to River Run on a cool wet Monday morning to throw down a few miles and being thankful the rain held off!

Once we figured it was only us we decided the route from last week was the way to go. We logged just over 3 miles!

While the rain was not coming down on us, we found new ways to leave the workout just as wet as if it had been raining!

Yup. The puddles in the dark got out little piggies cold and wet! Honeymoon has decided to convert all his toilets at home to bidet toilets as he enjoyed a full soaking from a sprinkler head right where the sun don’t shine!

We had a good couple laughs along the way. We missed the the rest of the fellas. Hope all is well and that the fartsack just had a tight grip!

Hey God, Wilson & Honeymoon here – #runningsucks! Thanks for keeping us safe and having a few laughs on the way!


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  1. Nice work guys, stay dry the rest of the day. An early morning appt kept me away, looking forward to getting back to riverrun.

  2. Went to watch the video, then saw it was 5 minutes long….and something shiny caught my eye.