Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Breaking Bread, Mending People


5 posted on a Sunday evening to prepare and serve food to some awesome folks rehabbing from various surgeries and other ailments

The Thang and NMM:

F3 RVA has committed to supporting Breaking Bread on Sunday evenings every month going forward.  This was at the second time we have been out there and the second outing was even better than the first.

We posted at 530, got dinner ready from folks and began to serve (after an inspiring pre-meal prayer from Toga).  After serving all the patients, we grabbed some food for ourselves and sat down with folks for a meal.  Dinner was pasta with marinara or meat sauce, salad, garlic bread and a cobbler with ice-cream for dessert.  Second F during dinner was awesome.  These are normal everyday folks trying to get back on their feet after some sort of medical emergency.  Great to hear their stories and listen to their optimism.  One gentlemen I spoke with talked about just taking each day to get a little bit better and hopefully in a couple months he will be back to his old self.  These guys are struggling through life with the same vigor that we all put in at workouts.  One day, step, merkin, burpee, or whatever at a time to make yourself a little better than when you started.

Highlight of the evening was the post cleanup Bingo game.  Honestly, I thought playing Bingo was going to be completely lame.  But, whatever the group wants to do, I was up for.  Boy was I wrong.  The amount of smack talk and enthusiasm during the Bingo game was amazing.  The residents were pumped and Toga, Mudface, Chewie and Lab Rat were letting the smack talk fly.  YHC had the privilege of calling the game and when I suggested we pack it in, the crowd begged for at least one more game.  Added excitement for the game was that we were competing for some awesome prizes (provided by the residents).  Candy bars and $1 scratch tickets were the prizes for winning.  You would have thought we were playing for a million bucks.  I can’t wait to play bingo again with folks (Insert your favorite joke about TYA being old).

If you have not had the opportunity to do this 3rd F yet, jump in.  It is a blast and the residents could not be more grateful for the little bit of help we provided.  Honeydo is Q’ing next month, so reach out to him for details for our next outing.  It is 2.0 friendly.  Thanks to Hardwood….Ok, Lab Rat for finding this opportunity for us.  It was a great way to top off my weekend and start a new week.



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  1. Great job fellas!! Way to represent F3!! Glad to see a good showing from the Mechanicsville crew!!

  2. Thanks to TYA for getting dinner together, and we’ll work with M Lab Rat to make sure everything gets baked to completion next time.

    Note: Everyone should make plans to take a turn doing this, but be prepared that you will have a stove, a tiny microwave and no oven. Plan accordingly.

  3. Way to take the reigns, TYA!

    Next up is HoneyDo on 5/21, I am sure he would love a helping hand. After that, the next opportunity to do this is 7/23 and no one has the Q yet. Make a commitment and sign up! I promise you will not regret it.