Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The “Taper” Before the Relays?


Three trails regulars were in town and undeterred by the weather forecasts this morning.  Although the pax was ready for the trails, the trails were most assuredly not ready for the pax.  The easy decision was made to stay on the pavement, so we threw together a quick route, talked Helix into running further than he had planned, and away we went.


Riverside Drive to T. Potter Bridge.  Up 5th Street to Monument.  Right on Boulevard to Love Hill, then over to Boulevard Bridge flag poles.  Stop at 9.000 miles.

The Deets:

Saab was thinking he was in for a wet solo run this morning, but he got neither.  Little did he know that YHC was back from Roanoke and Helix is more dedicated than he gets credit for.  Very interesting running with these two speedsters this morning, as it has been some time since Lab Rat has been the meat anchor.  YHC did his best to keep pace, but eventually the quick pace got the best of Lab Rat and he caught a crack in the side walk and went down hard.  Luckily, he had just enough wherewithall to dive for the grass…saving him from some serious road rash.

Saab and Lab Rat finished up the morning hashing over some serious topics over selected hot bevereges at ET’s this morning.  Absense of some notable regulars was felt, but Saab and Helix are as good company as YHC could hope to keep.  Great run and extra curriculers this morning, gentlemen!  Thanks for pulling back the reigns for me a bit this morning.


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  1. Despite having to hit the road, it seemed as though we had the streets to ourselves today. Great conversation had time pass quickly. 2nd F did not disappoint.

    As Saab is not much for “tapering”, he appreciated Lab Rat’s repeated offers to extend the route. Helix was intrepid today.

    LR: At the moment you took the dive on Blvd, my first thought was “oh no, Walter is down!”

  2. Thanks for the tour of Richmond. Surprisingly the weather turned out to be just right. I agree with Saab – the company made the time fly. Good reflexes on the way down, Lab Rat. Hope that grass stain came out.