Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Uphills are Easier when Bearcrawling


6 strong gathered at #TwinTeam for a SOJ beatdown that went something like this:

COP: SSHs, DQs, Imperial Walkers, LBCs, Crunchy Frogs, Tempo Merkins

Mosey to James River HS.

Stop by big boy columns for Tom Brady Pole Smokers: 3 rounds, roughly 1 min each

Mosey to football stadium

Lindsays: Merkins + Mtn Climbers with loop up and down bleachers after each set

Mosey to Discus field for Over/Unders: Elbow Plank + Downward Dog, last guy goes over/under, repeato x3

McRibb discovers some pull-up bars, 5 pull-ups for good measure

Mosey to parking lot hill

Jacob’s Ladder: Burpee Escalator up to 7 and back down + Bearcrawl going up hill

Mosey to VSF for Mary: Hello Dollies, APDs & American Hammers

COT – Rosie took us out


Solid work this morning, PAX. YHC knew he wanted to try the Jacob’s Ladder after seeing the hill 2 weeks ago…everything else was just fluff in his mind before reaching the hill. Turns out that the “fluff” took its toll on all of us and the Jacob’s Ladder was belabored and tough. But, the resilient PAX slogged through and banged it out, as Corporate would say. It might be the first time YHC has seen Rosie huffing & puffing, pausing for some air at the top during one of the rounds.

Nice discovery of the pull-up bars, McRibb. Honeymoon, take note for the Murph you’re planning next Friday.

Nice to meet Pee Wee, who enjoyed his 2nd F3 beatdown this morning. Way to push yourself.

YHC may have indicated that Bearcrawling uphill is easier than running uphill. Sounded right at the time.


Good luck to all running in various events this weekend & next. Kick ass.

May 19 Golf Tournament – See Wilson


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  1. Honey Do RVA on

    Great to see Pee Wee back out again. Way to smoke Rosie the day before a half marathon DK!

  2. Thanks for taking the lead today DK! That Jacobs Ladder was a tough putt to finish the morning. Especially the 7 down to 1 section.

    Great job Pax and welcome back Pee Wee. I am really loving the Friday boot camps at Twin Team.