Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Snake on the stairs


Twelve strong took on WDog, along with other animals, on a rainy morning.

COP- SSH, Imperial Walkers, Helicopters, Merkins, Flutterkicks, Bay City Scissors

Front of Carillon for – Assault on the Carillon. 20 minutes of- Run up steps, 20 of an exercise each corner, 5 Burpees each time back at the star. Exercises were Derkins, Donkey Kicks, Jumpsquats, and Freddy Mercurys.

Mosey down hill to bottom of Rugby Rd.- Alternate up road between Lunges and Bear crawl. Mosey to Carillon field – American Hammers, Heels2 Heaven, & Ring of Fire. Mosey back to the Flag.  BT took us out.

NMS – YHC wanted to break out the Assault on the Carillon again to see how it went a 2nd time, also after 5 Qs in the last week it made for an easier Q. All the PAX put in a strong effort but the star was the snake we found on the steps half way up.  It was maybe Rosie who spotted it and warned the pax. Most just got on with it and stayed on the other side of the steps.  Bleeder went the extra mile and grabbed a stick to relocate the snake. Expect to see Woodfin Pest Removal billboards up in the near future, YHC imagines Swirly holding a shovel looking menacing. Speaking of Swirly YHC was amazed the snake was not found in Corporate’s Sweep of the AO before the beatdown.

During the COP Saab and TYA broke off into their own little circle to discuss 50 year old stuff YHC guesses.  There was another group, non ST’ers, that ran past during the middle of our 20 min at the Carillon. Most of the tomatoes were wearing lights on their shoes ala Offshore. Looks like he is a trend setter, expect to see Under Armour incorporating Duct Tape in their new line this fall…

Welcome to FNG Septic. Partly named for his career, but also in part of his involvement in the underground industrial music scene hotbed that is Bon Air.  Good to have BT back at WDog this morning, he drove to the AO. 6 miles round trip, gas used – 14 Gallons.  Also Clavin continues to post and get stronger each time out.

Announcements – HDHH today. PAX be prepared to try out Hardywood’s new exercises: Carolina Dry Humpers.

Silent Assassin signing off for a few days, out.


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  1. Looks like a solid beatdown. Sorry to have missed it, work is getting in the way of F3 this week. Did somebody EH the snake???

  2. Great beatdown as usual HoneyDo. It is nice to see the silent assassin throw out a greatest hits once in a while, although it didn’t make it any easier.

    Explains Bleeder’s repeated offers to hold his snake. You get my vote for Back Blast of the week HD…I’ll tell you later “how far up” you have to go in order to have TYA approve it.

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Honeydo (Silent Assassin) – excellent BB and workout.. I remember the first version of attack the Carillon – the wind was the issue then – today it was the snake. Props to Rosie for pointing it out and for Bleeder disposing of it :)Hey we are Your Home Team so whatever it takes baby – snakes – turds – criminals – dirty air – faulty wiring – Give Swirly a buzz for all your home service needs… Welcome Septic (Love that name). BT needs to paint some skull and bones on that vehicle … Great way to start the day – see y’all in the gloom.

  4. Had a blast this morning as always! How did nobody break into a Samuel L Jackson impression while screaming about how all these mf’ing snakes got on this mf’ing carillon? Opportunity missed for sure.

  5. I was not too worried about the snake as if it were to bite anyone it would be Lab Rat. Partly because snakes and rats, partly from mumblechatter.
    Thanks for your vote Saab, although I’ve seen enough of the politics behind the scenes with Big Data, and that is objective, so something subjective like BB of the week I don’t hold out much hope. I do know it Vexes TYA when the Silent Assassin makes a Fight Club list so I can take some joy in that!

  6. Thanks for only throwing a snake at us this morning HoneyDo! After Dogpile last Sat I thought I was going to die. Thanks to the PAX for your support. I can see this becoming a habit. Oh, and great podcasts guys! It’s really a great way to get to know some of the guys I can’t see through the dark at oh-five-thirty!

  7. Glad to see you got your login for trash talking/commenting on BB’s, Clavin! I think it’s required you post some trivia once in awhile…

  8. Wish I hadn’t missed “Bleeder’s Critter Gitters,” sounds like a good beatdown. Can’t wait to see BT’s jalopy!

  9. Somehow the Snake had slipped through a crack in the perimeter. It was quite friendly; SAAB , I’m sure you could of held it longer than normal.

  10. Friendly or not, I would have needed two free hands for that slippery fellow. I also don’t know how he would have taken to my textured “crabbing” gloves. Lab Rat has complained about their abrasiveness in the past.