Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lee’s Lieutenants


13 Strong and able posted today to get some miles in before the upcoming races (half marathon and Ragnar).

Depart UR, and up the Ridgeway/Fairway/Robin/Iris hill to Three Chopt.  Cross Three Chopt and stay on York.  York to Maple and Maple to Grove (eastbound).

Turn left on Greenway.  4 milers will take Harlan to Roslyn and back to Grove and retrace their routes back to SF.  5s and 6ers continue on Greenway to Oak paying homage to the DS Freeman house and take Oak back to Grove.

5s take Grove to Henri to Towana to the main entrance of UR (take right at fork) and back to SF.  6ers headed east on Grove to Westmoreland.  Return westbound on Hanover/Grove and take the 5s route to SF.

YHC provided a history lesson of DS Freeman and the subsequent owner who invented the beer can pull tab, predecessor of the modern pop top.

Taxi Cab took us out.


The Ridgeway/Fairway/Robin/Iris medley of roads going up the hill shall now be known as “Swirly’s Hole” providing shorthand for communicating these routes.

Upon re-entering UR, Taxi and I saw Splinter’s duck standing in the middle of the road yielding not as we passed by.

Good conversation today.  The Pax was strong today pushing pace and distance.

Following yesterday’s precedence, Toga had to abruptly depart and head home.  As a dad on his own this week, there was inquiry as to how he was making it to the workouts.  Toga must know precisely when the chloroform wears off signaling his hasty return to home.  Hang in there!

Taxi Cab was caught off guard when I called upon him to take us out.  Always be prepared for the prayer roulette at the end.  It may hit like a cobra strike at any time.


C-ville launch – See Labrat.

HDHH – Flashdance posted the details.  Southern Railway – 530 for those working out first, 615 for drinks only.


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  1. You must have had this bb pre written to get it up so fast!

    Lockjaw continues to make great running routes, seems he has found his “special purpose” (reference to The Jerk).

  2. Great BB LJ. You are a wealth of information and entertainment.

    Had a tough time keeping up with Marv today but I enjoyed the conversation.

    For those inquisitive readers who want to learn more about Swirly’s hole, he is more than receptive to show you when the opportunity arises…Bleeder will supply the sealant.

  3. We saw a Ridgeline pulling into UR at 6:15 this morning. For a brief moment I told folks LR was making a special post-run appearance – ah well.

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great route/history lesson Lockjaw. Way to work guys…. Bleeder freaken killed it way to go man…
    Oh yeah please be advised pax (Swirly’s hole is dangerous) 🙂
    See y’all in the gloom…