Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Big boys can jump too


A Fiesty fourteen posted to a perfect 60 degree morning with the misty fields of NoToll calling for us to play. And play we did:

COP – SSH, Merkins, Helicopters, Hillbillies, LBCs

Mosey to benches, partner up- Bench kicks and run across field. 3 times. Line up for 1 round of Human Centipede.

Mosey to covered benches – Derkins, polar bear out 5 then WWII situps. Start at 10 reps then increase by 5 up to 30. Mosey to front of NoToll, past cars. Totem pole smoker run- 5 Leg Tosses.

Head to benches for Dips & Box Jumps. 10, 15, & 20. Pax then were offered attempt at Box Jump on top of table. Many tried and all were successful.

Mosey to Basketball court for Mary – American Hammers, Freddy Mercurys,AL Prom Dates. DK took us out.

NMS- Another day another 14 PAX for YHC’S Q. No theme today, just lots of movement. Hardywood was LIFO into the COP as is his semi-usual.

The Human Centipede was sloppy, PAX need to do this more. YHC believes with Fudd out of RVA during the week Honeymoon takes the mantle of Pax member who needs most help with Q instructions. Since he doesn’t know what Polar Bears are there needs to be much more of those SOJ as repetition is the best method to learn.

All PAX were happy for a Derkins ladder up to 30 according to YHC’s memory.

The box jumps up on the table at the end were fun. Flashdance, Carmen San Diego, and Viral all took it on to the worry of some Pax. Viral jumped up, touched the roof, and did a back flip off the table. YHC likes taking these higher Box Jumps on to work on explosiveness and the mental part of it as well.

Strong work by all the PAX today. With the warmer weather the sweat level in the gloom is ramping up.

Announcements – HDHH Preblast is up. Be sure to park at James Center to make Mr Roper happy.



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  1. I do believe Honey Do’s memory needs a little work, almost as much as my box jumps.

    But his Q skills are in great shape. Nicely done HD! Good to see southsiders this a.m. and of course Hardywood’s return F3 RVA from (assumed) vacation.

  2. Great job HoneyDo! The silent assasin never dissapoints. Thanks for leading today.

    I will also do my part to educate Honeymoon on Polar Bears and other fun HD specials so that he is properly equipped for future cross river workouts.

    Great weather this AM and great times as always.


  3. Viral & I originally understood the Polar Bears to span the entire width of the respective fields…and proceeded as such in the first rep. Thankfully Hardywood clarified. Otherwise, it may have been the longest called exercise yet.

  4. As surprised as the pax maybe I did not attempt the top of the picnic table box jump. With the only other pax member around with any medical training; Dr. Flashdance I didn’t think it was worth the risk… he is not even a “real Doctor”. Honey Do (theme or not) always seems deliver a serial killer like beatdown. Well done.

  5. Dude you totally had it!!! If not I would have caught you trust me I know what I am doing Bro.

  6. Flashdance obviously knows what he is doing, he did save Jville’s life at the end of the workout by fixing his gimpy knee. I think he just kissed the booboo but I can’t be certain.

  7. I believe my daughter’s inventory of Doc McStuffins came up one short this morning… I know your secret sauce.

  8. Glad to hear that someone has stepped up and assumed the role of “workout instruction clarifier” in my absence. It’s a vital role, as evidenced by this backblast. Keep up the good work Hardywood. I’m giving you a virtual fist bump. I know I can count on you to not let the negative comments dissuade you from asking clarifying questions. You are doing your fellow PAX members a great service!! Well done sir!!