Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Filing F3RVA’s taxes the hard way


Twenty-two took to taxing their bodies on a gorgeous tax day morning at Dogpile.  2016 was a good year for F3RVA so the PAX had a lot of work to do to settle up with the tax man.  We had 1 FNG and 1 visitor from Hickory NC.

COP – 1040 filing –  10 Merkins, 40 SSH, 10 DQs, 40 LBCs.

Mosey to Amphitheater for Federal tax filing.  Escalator up through each of the marginal tax rates of 10%, 15%, 25%, 28%, 33%, 35%, and 39.5%.

10 Burpees, 15 Derkins, 25 WWII Situps, 28 Jump Squats, 33 Dips, 35 Mtn Climbers, 40 Box Jumps.  Going through each tax rate required passing through the previous brackets so in total PAX did 70 Burpees, 90 Derkins, 125 WWII Situps, 112 Jump Squats, 99 Dips, 70 Mtn Climbers and 40 Box Jumps.

Mosey to Rusty Cage for State Tax filing.  PAX paid state income taxes in VA, SC, NC, and GA.  3 sets of 6 Pull-ups and Jerkins, 1 set of 7 of Pull-up and Jerkins.

Mosey to Carillon for Capital Gains taxes – ST and LT gains of 15% and 20%.  20 Donkey Kicks and 15 American Hammers.  2 sets.  Mosey to Carillon field, surprise PAX is subject AMT tax for 2016.  Run field and do 28 of Alabama Prom Dates 1 lap, then another lap with 28 Merkins.

Mosey back to the Flag, COT and YHC took us out.

NMS – Some of the PAX immediately caught on to the Tax day theme during the 10-40 in the COP.  Bleeder may have been the first to point it out.  The tax rate escalator in the Amphitheater took a while to complete as it was a lot of reps of each. The 40 Box Jumps at the end were a lot.  It was during these rounds YHC observed Patty Mayo crushing the RVA pax.  With his greying beard YHC was impressed, until at the end we heard he was a 32 yr old gym teacher, hate! #beardedmillenial

The PAX can blame Saab, Lab, Rat, Offshore, & YHC for the state taxes owed from out of state.  Everyone knocked out the pull ups and Jerkins well giving us time to pay our Capital Gains.  The pax had both Long Term and Short term gains due so 15 and 20 were required.  Lastly based on YHC’s math F3RVA is subject to AMT for 2016, we’ll leave it up to EF Hutton to confirm.

Not much running today and plenty of upper body work so why not end with 28 Merkins on the field. On the run back Spit dared to challenge Oyster in a finishing sprint, never a good idea.

Plenty of laughter at ET’s today where we learned many PAX would prefer kids movie without an overarching social theme.  Some accused YHC of having a political agenda with the pain doled out this am.  We then had some more discussion on a more politically incorrect tax themed beatdow, ala Ron Swanson.  In discussing the Libertarian modern classic movie that is the Lego Movie we learned that in his own house Viral IS Lord Business.  Do NOT mess with his Legos!

Flipper needs to borrow a road bike for a sprint Tri soon so he can crush overequipped Fat Tri Guy.  You’ll crush him now, whoever he is- YHC thinks there may be more than one of those guys out there.

Great work by FNG Hagman this morning, hope to see you out again soon.  Good to see Clavin out and getting stronger each post, keep it up brother!

Announcements – Be sure to check Monday for a forthcoming pre-blast from Flashdance for HDHH next week.  Wilson has golf, then either Ash Creek 5k or F3Cville launch the next day.  Also a coming Corn Hole tournament in June I believe, see Phonics for details.

Pleasure to lead this am gentlemen.



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  1. Honey Do, excellent workout and theme! Death, Taxes and F3 workouts, consistency in life!

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    As always excellent themed workout Honeydo!
    Good work today fellas – great way to start the weekend . ET’s was a blast as usual
    Happy Easter F3RVA!

  3. Great workout HoneyDo! Way to bring the pain two days in a row. The amphitheater never disappoints

    I would like to note that the challenging Oyster in a finishing sprint was a success!

    Thanks Patty Mayo for joining F3RVA this week. Also thanks for pushing the pace!

    Welcome to Hagman! Hope to see you out again soon!

    Happy Easter Everyone!

  4. Sorry to miss out on the taxes fun (really?)…Splinter hurt me yesterday, needed a day off and some Aleve.

    I am digging seeing some newer faces become regulars though (Cottonmouth, Clavin, Pavaratti)…and welcome to Hagman! Hope to see you in the mix soon.

  5. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Love a HoneyDo theme. 40 box jumps are hard enough on their ownbwithout all the rest of the shenanigans. Well done, boys!

  6. Honey do goes about Q ing like a silent assassin. Calm … like it’s a stroll in the park .. while he rips your heart out… I also learned today that don’t let Viral’s Happy go lucky attitude fool you… if you have Lego work to do… your on your own. I really like when visitors from other Paxs come to visit, unless they show me up, nice visit PM. Hagman great job. Great time at ETs

  7. Nice job fellas. Rarely do I get a Friday night without the M and 2.o’s. Decided to catch the Fate of the Furious then had some beers with some guys…………..it was not a good decision to try to make Dog Pile. I am bummed but at least I did not toss merlot!

  8. Gub’ment do take a bite, don’t she?

    Lord Business will not help you put your BatCopter or your Nexo Knight or your Lego City Fireplane back together for a third time if you only complain about how you have no toys while 1000 dollars worth of legos bricks sit broken down in a bin. Master Builder will have my love and supper his whole life, but not when he wants to find all the far flung pieces to his Space Shuttle scattered in a full bin the size of a foot locker.

    If EF Huttons tax audit work looks like his form on the Cap Gains Merkins then his clients are in good hands.

    Welcome to Hagman and thanks for the help on the state taxes, Phonics!!

  9. The best part of the morning was finding 10 bucks by your Ridgeline to pay for the bacon and Joe … are you sure that wasn’t yours?

  10. Pretty sure the Corporate Manual states all valuables found by the PAX during the beatdown and/or coffeeteria afterwards go to the Q including: currency, lost teasure, and collectibles, etc…