Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No ex Marines or Hockey Players


6 studs emerged from the fartsack and tackled the trails around Richmond

The Thang:

Northbank to Potterfield bridge to buttermilk to forrest hill to pump house parking lot


All PAX opted for the 10+ mile route this morning.  It was a glorious morning to be running the trails.  45 degrees to start out, nice and brisk for a run.  Hat Trick was burning up the trails this morning.  He was in the lead the whole way and was circling back often trying to get his 1/2 marathon in today.  He did an extra loop or two at the end to finish the 1/2 and came in under two hours for the distance.  Taxi Cab continues to extend his “longest run” streak.  He put in ten miles this morning for the first time in his life and seemed to have not trouble at all.  He has a half marathon in two weeks.  I think he will slay it.  Congratulations Taxi Cab on continuing to push your limits…Awesome work my friend.

Saab started 5 minutes late but caught up to us on the Potterfield bridge.  He was a little spent (for a few minutes) from there, then started to ramp it up again in Forrest Hill.  Hardywood, after a few minutes feeding his obsession of women dressed in civil war era garb, joined us for the trail run this morning.  He was rocking his Jerusalem cruisers for the run.  Just one reminder from the higher power to pick his feet up on the run…otherwise no harm from the choice of footwear (I did mention to him that I knew someone who sold athletic footwear, and that I be happy to make an introduction).  As always, when Lab Rat is missing, Helix fills in on his role and is talking the whole run.  The man has a prolific ability to talk and run.

At one point during the run, I referred to Hat Trick as a hockey player.  He told me that he no longer played and therefore was no longer a hockey player.  I, respectfully, disagree with that assessment.  There are a few things in life, that if you have done more than recreationally in your life, that you are always entitled to take ownership and credit for.  One is a serviceman (Marine, Army, maybe even Navy, and all others) whether they are currently enlisted or not.  You have served your country putting your life on the line, you are forever a serviceman (or women).  I know hockey does not come close to that kind of dedication and commitment, but there is a special group of folks in the world who know what a hockey team is about and what the real rules are on the hockey rink.  If you have learned those and lived them, we are always honored to call you a hockey brother. Hat Trick, you will always be a hockey player to me.   I am beginning to understand as I write this that the same thing is true for our F3 brotherhood.  When you commit yourself to F3 and dedicate yourself to it and its principals, you become and always will be the member of a special group of people in the world.   I am honored to be learning what being a true F3 brothers is all about.



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Lab Rat, as you could have guessed, the Navy comment was written specifically for you. We missed you out there today. Not the same on a Sunday morning without you in the PAX

  2. Yeah, I picked it up. Hated not being there. I ran 5 miles on my own, and I know that was tougher than 10 with y’all.

    Glad Helix filled the awkward silence though.

    Go Navy!

  3. Great run this morning. TYA ordered up a gorgeous day. Congratulations on the PR, Taxi Cab, and good luck with the upcoming race. Hardywood, thanks for guiding and encouraging Hat Trick to his first half. Hockey player, runner – 15 years old is all about figuring out who you are and who you will become. He is lucky to have you all as role models.