Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

21 + 20 = 41


15 men (including an all-star team of LIFOs) rolled into the parking lot at The Creek for a fun fest that went something like this…

Mosey around the church building and to the fan-favorite location for the COP.

21 mountain climbers IC, 20 imperial walkers IC, 21 (not 100) SSHs IC, 10 merkins IC, 10 don quixotes IC, arm circles, 41 freddy mercuries

Mosey to the front corner of the church building for a “41 Special.” Run around the church building with the following stops:

  • Front corner – 41 two count mountain climbers
  • Back corner – 21 WWII sit-ups, 20 two count mountain climbers
  • Front corner – 20 WWII sit-ups, 21 two count mountain climbers
  • Back corner – 41 WWII sit-ups

10 count and then repeat with a small twist

  • Front corner – 41 two count mountain climbers
  • Back corner – 21 LBCs, 20 two count mountain climbers
  • Front corner – 20 LBCs, 21 two count mountain climbers
  • Back corner – 41 LBCs

Mosey to the field for an “egg hunt”

Bear crawl out into the dark field. Find an egg and shout “EGG” to trigger 5 burpees. Repeat until all 8 eggs were located.

Mosey to the far corner of the field and do a RING OF FIRE (hold plank while PAX member does 10 merkins).

Mosey back to the front corner of the church building

Sprint around the church with the following two stops

  • Back corner – 41 two count mountain climbers
  • Front corner – 41 LBCs

Finish with 21 american hammers IC, 20 freddy mercuries IC, 10 burpees on your own

Mosey to the flag for COT – Numberama, Namerama, Announcements


Spit shared passionately about the Ashcreek 5K on Saturday, May 20th as a way to reach out into the Ashcreek community and EH some Sad Clowns.

Sign up at http://www.ashcreek5k.com/ . This is a family event so invite your M’s, 2.0’s, and friends to sign up. We will have booth during the event. They are currently running a promo for $5 off if you register before this Sunday. Use code CELEBRATESPRING and register under “F3RVA”.


YHC barely remembers a year ago when he was still below 40 and received some HATE in the COT during namerama. Today is one day short of his 41st birthday so he decided (with Spit’s prompting the night before at Greenleaf’s Pool Room) to roll with that theme a bit. YHC didn’t go for 41 of everything directly but worked it some combinations.

The initial mosey around the church building left room for LIFOs to join the party and we had some noteworthy ones this morning. Abacus rolled up just as the PAX came around the corner and stormed right into YHC like a football player celebrating a game-winning touchdown. What did Abacus win? A LIFO designation. A few more LIFOs (Pincher, Front Porch) entered the COP in stealth during some of the initial exercises. YHC doesn’t recall how they slipped into the circle.

The “41 Special” lived up to its name because it provided some special moments AND some uncomfortable moments of gravel/stones digging into the backs of the PAX during the WWII sit-ups and LBCs. The mumble chatter started to fire up as the stones cut into the backs and spurred on some pain and conversation. Spit stormed ahead of the PAX and was closely followed by Spike, Abacus, Pincher and Tea Party. The last two need to step out of the DaVille area and bring their A-game to some other AOs. They are fighters who bring a F3 fighting spirit every week.

The “egg hunt” seemed like a good idea until the bear crawls commenced into the cold, wet field. Do bears hunt and eat eggs? YHC doesn’t think so but they did this morning. YHC admittedly did a poor job of “hiding” the eggs. They were too close to the start and the PAX found them too quickly. It ended up being 40 straight burpees instead of staggering them out. Spit and a few others took off bear crawling deep into the field when most of the eggs were closer to the starting line. The enthusiasm was appreciated however!

This morning was yet another glorious F3 morning. YHC still wonders if F3 will ever get old but how can it get old when it gives us a chance to fight through a challenge together and grow in our strength, friendship and sense of purpose in this Sad Clown world. We all need help and motivation. We all need strength (inner and outer). We all need to know that we are not alone. F3 is part of the solution and it is a ridiculously fun, crazy and awesome one at that!

YHC couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate his 41st birthday one day in advance at The Creek with these men!


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  1. Amazing Q and BB Carpenter!! Glad I avoided the LIFO status by 1 min! Happy Birthday Brother!

    See you in the gloom!

  2. The Carpenter on

    Me too. The rocks definitely added to the discomfort. You and Abacus seemed to solve the problem by using the entryway area.

  3. LIFO is better than getting caught in the FS! Impressed that you put a beat down on a monster burger at Burger and Beers just hours before and then woke up and got the A/O early to set it up. Not only that, you went and picked up Thumper! Well done.

  4. Happy Burpeeday, Carpenter! Hope it is as special as you are. That just sounded so weird. Like a bad hallmark card.
    See u in the gloom!

  5. What a great workout The Carpenter! you’re still a teenager as far as I’m concerned, but a great leader and pastor, and a certified ENCOURAGER in faith, spirit and exercise !