Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Us vs. You


13 strong NoToll veterans emerged from their fartsacks just hours after a team was crowned NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champions. YHC signed up to Q, then realized last week that it would be the morning after the game. Before the first COP, YHC asked the PAX to gather in 2 groups: Those who watched the whole game vs. Those who did not. The 3 of us who watched the whole game were granted immunity from a Hot Potato Q. The workout went something like this:

(Döner Kebab) COP: SSH, DQs, Peter Parkers, Merkins, Hello Dollies

(Flatline) Mosey to tennis courts for modified Dora/suicide combo: 150 LBCs, 250 Mountain Climbers, 350 Hello Dollies/Flutterkicks

(Loose Goose) Mosey to Fields for Triple Check: Dips, planks, run. Plank-o-rama

(Wilson) COP: Cross Leg Lifts left & right, APDs, Heels to Heaven, Freddies, Pickle Pounders, Superman

(Flashdance) Mosey to parking lot for Double Check: Diamond Merks on the Poles/Pole Smokers + Run

(Döner Kebab) Mosey back to Shovel Flag, 12 Burpees OYO

COT – Gumbo took us out

YHC learned his lesson last year: always watch the final game. YHC missed the epic result between UNC & Villanova last year, mostly out of anger after UVA’s collapse to Syracuse…so it seemed right to punish those who made the same mistake this year. Thankfully Flatline & Flashdance were quick to admit their sins as soon as they arrived by asking what the score was & who won the game. Gotcha!

The creativity of the PAX was appreciated after a late night. Cheers to those tapped to lead a set of exercises. Great job all around.

Gumbo delivered the greatest joke before everyone arrived…and had YHC chuckling throughout the entire workout. I won’t give it away…but damn, that was good.

It was good to see Big Blue in the NoToll parking lot this morning. Take your time getting back up to speed, Swirly. Two words I never thought I’d write “Swirly (Kotter)”. Welcome back, buddy!

Lab Rat is leading the charge to launch F3 Charlottesville. If you know anyone in CVille who might be interested, contact Lab Rat

Friday is the start of a new Bootcamp @ Bettie Weaver Elementary School on the Southside.

Flashdance is in charge of HDHH this month. Plans still in the works.


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  1. Good idea DK. It produced a solid beatdown. Though I particularly loved the look on your face when you realized the US vs YOU was 3 vs 10. You didn’t let it throw you off your game though. Well done.

    Great to have Swirly back in the gloom and back at NoToll — those plush fields are easier on a bum ankle than the hills of Spider Run.

    By the way: http://www.yogajournal.com/pose/lotus-pose/

  2. I have been hearing some comments about my merkins. And what I have to say is: “Haters are gonna Hate”

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great to be back @ No Toll – enjoyed the Hot Potato Q.
    Way to work today guys.
    Gumbo – I agree with DK – great line – (It’s a Yoga Move) – freaken beautiful !
    See y’all in the gloom…

  4. Great idea on the Hot Potato Q, good to get some people that aren’t used to Qing at least thinking about it even if they don’t get called out. Those that got called out did well, Flatline’s partner triple check/modified Dora/Suicides with an audible was my favorite. Best to keep the PAX on their toes.

  5. Nice job today DK, Flatline, Loose Goose, Wilson and Flashdance. Thank you all for leading today. That was a solid beat down and always fun to be in the gloom with great men.

    Great job by all today.


  6. The Gloom joke=awesome! i will call my workout “The Hybrid.” Suicides with any workout is automatically better!!
    DK-great idea for hot potato Q. I have set a precedent-the morning after the Super Bowl!! I will always ask the score and state I did not stay up to watch!!
    Awesome to Swirly at No Toll and feeling better!!
    Have a great week gentlemen and see you in the gloom

  7. Good workout! And t-claps to DK for signing up and sticking to your guns when you realized it was the morning after the final game, and the other two who stayed up late but still posted this a.m.!