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Always 70 and Sunny



Fudd and four others posted for a workout that was not as difficult as the beatings Fudd gives to himself.  Here’s how it went down:

Mosey to South wall of school for warmup COP:  merkins, squats, ssh, hillbillies, some other stuff

Brief mosey to the South wall for leg day:  Complete 20 (that’s 40 total) alt lunges, followed by 30 sec wall sit.  Repeat w/ 18 (that’s 36.., the counting gets important later) alt lunges and 30 sec wall sits.  Continue down to 2.  Then go back and repeat with the odds, 19 alt lunges and 30 sec wall sits…

Mosey to field on West side for fast and furious calisthenics: merkins, full extensions, split jumps, squats, Freddy, scissors, clerkins, mtn climbers, werkins

NMM:  For those of you following along at home for the past couple of years, F3 is largely about Fudd.., it’s like the silent F that everyone knows is there, but F4 doesn’t have as good of a ring to it.  For this reason, YHC would like to encourage the PAX to consider using #AAF (All About Fudd) where appropriate.  Today proved to be one of those days as we were all reminded that things are harder when Fudd does them to himself (comments welcome).  In this case, it was the leg workout that YHC and Fudd both came across in Men’s Health.  During the very first round of lunges Fudd explained to Splinter that he had recently done a workout with lots of lunges followed by wall sits. Apparently it was epic! YHC informed him that he was in luck because he was going to get to do it again.  The difference came in the fact that YHC made a mistake and had us going down by 4 reps each cycle vs. just 2.  Let me be clear about this: YHC was wrong, and Fudd apparently can count.  Has he been working the long con on us for years?  Anyhoo, once Fudd explained that his version was infinitely harder than what we were doing, the PAX had no choice but to go back and do all the odds.  The PAX was overjoyed, and many thanks were given to Fudd for noting this error.

Strong work by all today, and good luck to the PAX in walking tomorrow.

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  1. Toga was quite pleasant this morning. That was until Fudd started talking.

    Even though we went back and completed the odds, Fudd’s version was still harder. He can explain.

    Nice work gentlemen + Fudd. I especially enjoyed the MMA shorts Two Can donned. I think I need to change my fight club to include Two Can.

  2. That’s a good point. I’m not sure that many people have seen Two Can’s merc. pics.

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Wow – what a BB to lead off the week – this one is gonna be hard to beat – nice job Toga!
    Heck of good beatdown it looks like as well – way to work fella’s ..
    See y’all in the gloom..

  4. This sounds terrible…way to push through guys.

    On the #AAF topic, although Fudd was busy correcting Toga at Punisher, his presence was felt at RiverRun as McRib nearly had to stop to drop a #Fudd. We concurred that it probably would not go over well in a neighborhood like Tarrington (though Rosie and I know a few lawns in Tarrington that we’d like to see get #Fudd(ed?)). I mean, the guy is a myth, a legend, a noun, and a verb and just an overall inspiration to the entire PAX…#AAF!

  5. Back In The Neighborhood

    Sorry I missed you all at The Punisher. Not as sorry after reading the BB. Great work.

    I stayed up north and, unknowingly, I got to Q my own Tomato Run this morning. Ended up linking up with a few guys from the Rutland Gang. I wasn’t sporting any F3 swag, so I could almost forgive them when one asked if I was “up for a hill.” I channeled my inner TYA and replied, “I’m down for one.” And then subsequently, surreptitiously picked up the pace. When we arrived at the “hill,” I realized (1) that I had been grievously insulted, and (2) I could probably safely assume it was also a trail run, since we were on the grass once or twice. Nevertheless, a pleasant group of men, who I did not have the opportunity to EH since I was the only one to carry on past mile 3. Since there was no appropriate place to plant a flag, I just flew it from the back of my truck, which seems to be the thing to do in the RVA suburbs.

    Good to get back at it last week, after a hiatus somewhat mandated by my M in order to attend to some Diaper Changing…largely due to some literal diaper changing approaching on the not-so-distant horizon. See you in the gloom, as often as I can.

  6. Winning an argument with Toga is like winning one with your wife……you think you win, but you actually lose anyway, as evidenced by this backblast. God forbid he just say, “You know what, today Fudd got me.”

    Regardless, the taste of victory is indeed sweet, and the residual burn in my legs did not hinder the skip in my step that was there all day, knowing I finally got a set of instructions right that Toga did not. I can now die a happy man. I must admit that I did opt for the elevator as opposed to the stairs today….something I haven’t done in a long time. Which is to say, that was a solid beatdown sir.